What to Expect or How to Maintain Benefits


How to Prepare:

Before we begin our session, please refrain from eating, especially over-eating. The deep work conducted on the subtle plane requires an empty stomach so that digestion process does not conflict with our own process of clearing aura and nerve endings. An occasional drink of water, juices, tea or coffee is fine. However, do try to refrain from drinking stimulants right before our session since relaxation is paramount in the effectiveness of the healing treatment.

It is important not to wash your hair during the 3-part process so that water does not enter into the ear canal. You may want to wash your hair before we begin our first session since this is a 7-10 day process.

Refrain from drinking alcohol at least two weeks before we begin our first session. Also – no alcohol or cigarette smoking, nor consuming meat during the three-part treatment, including eggs and dairy products. This two-week window is a great time to fast or trim down the quantity of food you are eating and to adjust the quality of food.


What to Expect In-Between and After Treatments

Tickling, itching or clicking in ear

  • The body loves ear coning or aura cleansing. It helps to reset the nervous system, opens up the channels for vitality to flow and the body feels tremendously rejuvenated. During this cleaning experience, you may feel an itching sensation in the ears or even a clicking/ ticking-like sensation as the body adjusts with the cleansing. This is perfectly normal and is the body’s way of saying “Wow – this feels great!”


Diet Sensitivity

  • Enhanced perception and sensitivity to toxic, low-grade foods, air quality and even quality of people are some of the symptoms you will experience as your nerves become clean. Enjoy the exploration and discovery of who your authentic being is and what it truly resonates with on a healthy level.


Slight Coughing

  • When the ear canal is getting cleared, so is mucus being removed causing a tickling sensation in the back of the throat. This is perfectly normal as the entire ear, nose and throat area is being cleansed of all debris and mucus.


How to Maintain Benefits of Sessions


Natural Oils
Ear Lubricants help to keep the ears open and the natural process of wax building occurring in a healthy, productive way. Mullein flower oil is an astringent and helps to shrink inflamed tissue that can happen during the deep cleaning. Apply to ear few times, daily.

Olive Oil is also a lubricating substance that assists in opening up ears that may have become blocked from the shifting of wax during the treatments. To apply, while laying down on opposite side, apply a few drops of lukewarm olive oil on the ear that is blocked for a few minutes. Then, turn over and allow it to drain out onto a towel. You can apply a few drops of Lavender Oil onto a cotton ball and keep it in your ear until you feel relief.

Clay Packs
For added cleansing benefit, use bentonite clay, water and olive oil mixture, even a few drops of mullein oil to create a clay pack to apply to back of ear lobe area. Place a hot water bottle on top of clay mixture while resting with clay pack until dry. This helps to draw impurities out of the nerve endings, which may be causing serious illness in the physical body.

Drink Water
It is imperative that you remain hydrated during our 3-part session as well as after the treatments. Drink as much as you can drink and even consider keeping a hydrator in your room as you sleep or relax.

Gargling with Lemon and salt with warm water helps to shrink swollen mucus membranes possibly initiated by the deep cleansing.

Nose Drops
With your head tilted back, snort 3 drops of lemon juice in each nostril. This feels amazing!

Hot Compresses
Hot and Cold compresses alternated help to stimulate circulation to the ear area. Two minutes cold, and then five minutes hot. Repeat this 7 times.

Neti Pot
Using a neti pot has tremendous benefits when applied on a regular basis and enhances the cleansing process greatly when applied during and after the ear and aura cleansing treatments.

For sinus relief: Squeeze the toes or the soft padding on the toes, same on the hands. Both of these areas contain nerve endings related directly with the sinus cavity, ears, nose and throat.

For hands, ear reflexes are located on the palms of the hand just below ring finger and pinky fingers. The Eustachian tube reflex runs along the padding of the palm at the base of the fingers.

For feet, padding under small toe and the one next to it relate to the ear reflexes.

Squeeze the joints on both fingers and toes to stimulate ear, nose and throat areas.


What Happens During Session

The primary starting point is creating the right kind of environment for our session. Candles are lit in a soothing environment with gentle lighting, soft music is playing and a comfortable place for you to lay down, relax and unwind is waiting for you upon arrival.

A pillow is placed under your knees and a small pillow under your head. If the weather is cool, a soft blanket is nearby.

A small towel is placed on the side of your head around the ear that we are treating, as your head is slightly turned to the side for easy application.

The very top of the candle is lit and when smoke is pouring out of the bottom of the tip of the candle, I place the smoking tip at the opening of your ear canal. As I place the candle into the ear, I make sure that the connection is sealed and that no smoke is escaping the ear.

While this candle is burning, I remove the candle from the ear and cut the tip off the end that has burnt away and has started to become ash. At the same time, I follow up with clearing the candle of any excess wax so that it can continue to do its work of clearing and cleaning the ear canal. Then, I place the candle again into the ear canal in the same way, ensuring that there is a sealed connection between candle and ear. This clipping takes place 2-4 times during the application of one candle, on one ear.

Once the candle has burnt down to just above 6 inches, I put out the flame and clear out the remaining part of the candle as it reveals what has been removed from the ear and the nature of your current state: amount of candidas, ear wax and so on.

Next, I gently swab your ear with a Q Tip moistened with oil. I do not go deep – just at the surface of the ear. This helps to soothe the nerve endings that just received a cleaning with the medicinal, herbal smoke from the ear candle cone. After checking what has come out of ear and how you are feeling, we determine if another candle is necessary with that ear. If the ears are heavily impacted with wax or candida, sometimes, a second candle is needed for a thorough first cleaning. This will happen often with those who’s diet includes large quantities of sugar, meat, dairy and wheat products.

Then, we move to the second ear. It is essential that both ears are treated otherwise one will feel oddly out of balance.

After the second ear has been treated, a short balancing session is conducted, adjusting the energies and closing the aura while indicating when you are ready to sit up and have fully completed the aura clearing session.

A small piece of cotton with natural oil is placed in both ears to protect from wind and cold air and should remain for 24 hours in the ears. You are welcome to change and replace the cotton during that time.

Immediate application of essential oil such as Helichrysum is helpful as well as acupressure around the rim of the ear, from top of the ear and down to the bottom of the lobe.

Avoid placing essential oil directly into the ear as drops, which can burn the ear drum if excessive or a strong, pungent oil. External application is plenty effective for inner and outer ear and nerve endings.

Pressing the index finger into the ear canal can be used whenever you feel blockage, such as what may happen while riding in an airplane.