Auricular Initiation Session with Kashi

Sessions are conducted in person, in my private, temple environment, in Hawaii. Accommodations for guests are available for a modest fee at our Bed and Breakfast Inn and according to availability. You must come to me, where I provide temple space for deep healing in the right conditions and conducive atmosphere for radical transformation and healing.

Sessions are conducted in a series of three sessions over a 7-10 day period. It is important to apply three sessions to gain the most out of this type of therapy. It is imperative that each of the three sessions are conducted within a few days of each treatment for the process to work effectively. if you delay a subsequent session beyond two weeks, we begin the three-part process again.

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Full 3-Session Treatment is $325 and lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on scope of treatment.

You are welcome to pay for each session as installments, if necessary. ($108 each)

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Suggestions for Preparation:

It is highly recommended that if you are in a romantic partnership, that both enroll for the auricular clearing process. Since radical transformation is initiated, it will change each person dramatically. If you are both initiated together, in the process of healing, lifestyle reform and enhanced sensory perception, you can support each other, share experiences with the changes and empower the effectiveness of the process.