The Disaster of Pushing




Humans can be categorized into two main types:

  1. Relatively stable
  2. Pressurized, unstable systems

Within those two categories are variances to different degrees, however, while interacting with most people, you can check in and observe, is this person relaxed or are they being pushed by pressure?

And it’s not the same as anxious or hyper-active. That is another type of pressure.

The type of pressurized chemistry that i am highlighting in this article pushes to make things happen, much like a “bully”. 

The most prevalent clue demonstrating the difference between these two types of humans is the feeling in one’s gut or stomach while interacting with the person who has a pressurized system. Interaction with this kind of pressure is very uncomfortable and leaves one feeling awful, on many levels. This is what “incompletion” feels like as they are masters at creating a field of karma through competing, comparing, attempting to gain power over the other and push to make things happen in their way. 

This categorization of two types of human’s can be considered very similar to the interpretation that Human Design presents in the distinction between Defined Ego versus the Undefined Ego. However, from my experience, not all undefined ego’s behave in the manner i am describing in this article.


These “Pressurized systems” are created by specific streams of influence coming from certain planets, ultimately defining the state and condition of the three lower chakras in such a way that it “pushes” people and life events. 

The side effects of the nature of pressure is first, the incompletions that this type of chemistry creates through pushing energy and pushing people according to their whim. Regardless of what is happening or how the other may be feeling or inclined, the “pushy” type has an incredible, overwhelming pressure inside of their system to control and move energy according to their own desire. This can leave a trail of messes behind. 

Secondly, this pressure is actually a bucket-load of samskaras brought forth from previous lives. Those samskaras (karma) must be cleared and often, people from previous lives are circling back around to assist in getting cleared of the energetic debris from past lives so that everyone can evolve and mature.

Chances for enlightenment or spiritual evolution in this lifetime are rather slim with this type of human. However, that is not a bad thing considering how many times we incarnate over thousands of years; this is just one small chapter in the novel of life. 


Usually, this type of chemistry is grand for forcing things into complicated situations as a means to stimulate growth in the larger collective. Anyone sitting in stasis, from the place of tamas, will have a chance to enter into crisis and then, grow some more. This could be considered one of the benefits for having a pressurized system. 

However, for the mature individual, encountering “pressurized” chemistry can be a reason to walk away quickly and not engage. 

Pressurized chemistry also experiences overwhelming lack of patience, and usually, no social decorum, nor understanding nor compassion for others while they push to make things happen. Yet huge lessons can be shared regarding the sad experiences suffered while trying to make something happen that creates best-seller books and produces blockbuster movies.

Another side effect of this type of chemistry is the tendency towards a lack of loyalty. Meaning, this type of person can easily turn their back on a friend, especially when they are feeling terribly insecure and slightly threatened or jealous. They will “prove” that they are better, smarter, more of this or that than the other, as an attempt to relieve some of the uncomfortable pressure that is pushing their inner being in moments of comparison and feelings of inadequacy. The tendency can be even worse when other people are nearby. Strategically insulting and belittling another in front of others helps to relieve the pressure of feeling inadequate, or so it seems.

This same chemistry also suffers greatly living up to commitments. It will manipulate, make promises and then, not show up according to how it has promised or maybe not at all. It’s frustrating working with this type of chemistry or relying on them for any kind of task or assistance or collaboration on a project. Usually, this is the reason why great plans don’t work out. Someone who doesn’t follow through on their word or commitments was hired to do the job.

Another attribute of this type of chemistry is arrogance. In an attempt to diffuse the feeling of low self-esteem, one will create a ‘false’ identity that behaves empowered and above others; when in fact, it is the opposite. The behavior actually stems from an immature nature that has not learned how to move from a place of patience and grace. It takes many lives and much discipline to develop a state of grace and the ability to be patient.

Finally, often, the insecure “pusher” will scapegoat and place blame on others for conditions left in a mess from the “pushing” and make it seem that someone else is at fault for the mess and lack of follow through.


So how do we assist someone who is moving through life with this extraordinary space of pressure in their system?

First, the most important lesson that human life teaches us is that life moves much slower than what the pressurized mentality can comprehend. Looking back, one can see how they push to make something happen and with each instance, the event and circumstances are adjusted into a realistic pace. 

The only way that this fact can be grasped is to observe through hindsight how often one has pushed and then forced to adapt to the natural unfolding of events. It helps to maintain a calendar of daily events over a month, detailing all happenings and mental setups one has used for pushing to get something accomplished. And being utterly honest in the recording of events and behavior. Reviewing those notes a month later reveals a tremendous amount of insight and can spur something like a “mini-awakening”. 

Secondly, all of these symptoms or side-effects of the “pushers” chemistry are a result of the solar plexus and lower, two chakras in a distorted, unevolved space. This means that there are lots of samskaras, or karmic residue causing the majority of imbalance that are being demonstrated. It also means that there are many thought-currents fostering the behavior. Therefore, the techniques and methods for clearing and adjusting the three lower chakras must be applied over a long period of time for some kind of maturation to take place. 

Fear, worry, fear for survival, root patterns created in the first year of life, lack of self-confidence, fear of being alone, comparing, competition, power over another and so on, are all imbalances of these three lower chakras and what ultimately creates messy situations and messy residue in the interaction with others. 


Being mindful of one’s impact on events and people and taking responsibility for what has been created through the impact of “pushing” makes a huge difference in what is left lingering in the air…….and helps to eliminate the messy karmic debris.



Written by Kashi, 11, December 2020