Solar Eclipse and Pandemic

With the recent solar eclipse, the position of planets and the star systems, it is as if humanity is being pushed through the birthing canal of the Cosmic Mother and being given a new life. What was once similar to floating in the mother’s womb, unaware, humanity is being birthed into the subtle, higher powers of super-human existence.

As I have pointed out in previous articles, humans operate from their lower mind, which is situated behind the pancreas, a glandular organ connected to the Solar Plexus chakra.

The pancreas gland holds a special function in the human system as two glands simultaneously: one gland (exocrine) is for digesting food and the other part (endocrine) is for producing hormones. Both of these functions are also responsible for how the mind perceives reality and the condition of the emotional aura as well as the health of internal organs and strength of the immune system; they also orchestrate the senses and how one perceives reality.

When the Solar Plexus is the main operating hub it works in tandem with the Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra. Since there are specific characteristics connected with each of these lower chakras, we can witness life expressed from these lower chakras and their companion glands: the Solar Plexus and pancreas with food, digestion, assimilation, stomach, throat and gender expression as well as environment and the people in it; Sacral Chakra with gonads and reproductive organs (testes and ovaries) including, genitals, kidneys, intestines, bladder, spleen and liver; Root Chakra with adrenal gland and top of inner thighs and hip joints, expressing subtle reaction to environment and the people in it and the overall health of the nervous system.

All emotional qualities such as: anger, fear, greed, lust, victimhood, selfishness, attachment, neediness, insecurity, jealousy, competition, comparison, copy – unable to see one’s own unique expression, confusion, delusion, sexual fantasy, power over to get, and so on are manifestations of the three lower chakras and lower mind. We can witness these expressions in measure with everyone around us and from our own being.


Part of the waking-up that is happening spurred by the pandemic and solar eclipse is the change in diet from meat-eating to vegetarian. As many ancient texts reveal and biology too, humans have a similar digestive system to plant-eating animals. Flesh-tearing, prey-hunting carnivore animals have a radically different digestive and elimination system. You can explore the topic more here. You will find that humans have the same length of intestines and similar type of teeth as well as similar level of acid in stomach for digesting as the animals that graze on flowers, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Truly, it is not natural for humans to dine on dead animal flesh.


Perhaps it is not a surprise that many of those working in meat packing, animal slaughter houses are contracting the corona virus and dying rapidly. It’s time for a radical change for humanity.

Further investigation also proves that the majority of deaths that happen each year are related to heart disease, way above and beyond the numbers broadcasted on the news channels blaring the fearful concerns of the virus. If we study the cause behind the majority of heart diseases, we would find that it is directly related to eating animal flesh.     Shhhhhhhh…..that kind of information greatly impacts the pork and cattle industry, the bedrock of wall street and economic posturing for major corporations.


With the current happenings, it can be considered that the main reason behind the pandemic is that the Cosmic Mother is setting humanity straight. The Cosmic Mother continuously corrects and realigns existence towards a higher frequency as She works to integrate form with spirit for expressing the super-human reality. This is each person’s birthright: to evolve and express superhuman existence. However, many choose to ignore this possibility mostly because of conditioning and karma, from this life and past lives and many of the hidden, subtle manipulations of the crooked powers focused on taking advantage of society and human weaknesses.


Ancient Hindu cosmology indicates that this recent solar eclipse is causing humans to align with their true identity and with the correct people for living out that identity, naturally. This is exciting for me because I have been studying and watching this aspect of astrology for several years now. I have found that most people have not had a desire to align properly, in accordance to this geometrical design. Nay, most prefer to stay nestled in their beliefs that have been shaped by their upbringing. However, with the pandemic, the recent solar eclipse and the growing interest in yoga lifestyle, how one perceives, relates, makes decisions and chooses to align is maturing rapidly. This is great news.

For those locked into “old” ways of existing, traditional mind-sets and deeply attached to a comfortable lifestyle, they are going to suffer the most with illnesses, crisis and tremendous life-challenges. Depression takes over the mind of those who are stuck and cannot grasp the hope that springs out of change and the opportunities that come with it.

For those willing to let go, move from what has been perceived as a comfortable way of living and who remain open to new possibilities, life is very exciting.

Nothing operates like it once did when marriage was a significant goal in life and owning a home was a grand accomplishment. No, those days are over as the Cosmic Mother pushes us out from our comfortable sleeping womb and into a new reality, to awaken and rapidly evolve.

The Solar Eclipse guarantees that many people will make their way successfully, towards aligning with the right people in the right place as we all move through the grande, cosmic birth-canal. And with that ease in movement fostered by the attitude of detachment comes a strong immune system with the ability to rise above the viruses and disease rampant in an old, worn-out, stale and antiquated society.


Here are a few tips from my spiritual teacher, The Avatar, recently imparted for these changing times connected to the solar eclipse and based on ancient knowledge:

1. Humans need their “spiritual group” in order to achieve the higher conscious goal in life such as the intention behind the creation of ashrams. It may be surprising to find that most DNA families are not relative in chemistry. Inspiration, hope, life and vision comes through the formation of communities – the new kind of family, that is resonate in chemistry.

Keep in mind that all life experience is about “cognition” meaning where we reside, who we spend time with and who we allow to lead and guide us colors our life experience and shapes our character. Who is near us becomes our “fuel” for existence. If the quality of fuel is low-grade, so will be one’s frequency and quality of health.

2. Continue to give loving, enriching support to everyone without attachment or expectations. Even if you are not receiving the same in return, continue to give support and compassion.

3. When you find yourself placed in circumstances where support and loving compassion are not coming back to you, you can consider it a time of testing. The Cosmic Mother is testing you to show to the world who you are and the quality of metal that you are made of: Gold or shades of lesser degree of metal.

For that reason, no matter what, continue to give loving, compassionate support to all. The Cosmic Mother wants you to have greater responsibility in leadership and the ability to fulfill the vision of your life calling.

The Cosmic Mother has imparted tools, wisdom, lifestyle habits and methods for moving and growing through these times that are meant to birth a new reality for humanity. We can rely on the wisdom of the ancient teachings to guide the way through turbulent times, effortlessly.


An important tip from Kashi:

Vedic astrological interpretations for this period, from solar eclipse to solar eclipse, with first happening June 21st, 2020 and next solar eclipse happening in December, 2020, indicate that the health of human population is being directly impacted in the lungs, throat, eyes, upper torso region, quality of breathing, condition of heart, hearing, ears, and sinuses, significantly during this period of six months.

All of these organs are related to how one breathes. Breath is also, tremendously impacted by the state of the emotional body and its thought-currents. The more congested the sinuses, the more one has emotional blocks inside their system. These blocks in the sinuses are stuck emotions weakening the immune system and its ability to fight viruses and disease such as cancer.

For this reason, attention must be brought forward regarding a secret, hidden killer of human potential, which is planted in many household and self-care products such as, laundry detergents, dryer sheets, air fresheners, soaps, deodorant, shampoo and so on. Anything that has a strong smell that hides or masks one’s ability to properly interpret the true odor or fragrance is a subtle killer as it blocks the sinuses and keeps one from gaining the benefits of prana – true life force.

Dump out all fragrant cleaners, detergents, soaps, shampoo, deodorant, dryer sheets and anything else with a strong odor – including perfumes that are not 100% essential oils and the same with incense that is not 100% pure.

Learn to breath REAL air, allowing it to navigate you while gaining a strong immune system. Once you are able to access Prana, it elevates you out of pollution, viruses, toxic energies and anything else that creates sickness and disease – no matter where you are.

The sense of smell is the oldest sense in our body with tremendous ability to warn of danger, indicate non-resonant frequencies of place and people and the wrong kinds of food. It’s no wonder we are being saturated with toxic smells masked as “fragrance”.

FAKE fragrances destroy the ability to breath and discern, inhibits the ability to maintain a strong immune system and fight disease. FAKE fragrances can create FAKE emotions which creates disease that is unnecessary and not a part of one’s fate.

If you have any type of product like those things mentioned above in your cupboard or bathroom medicine cabinet, throw them away now and refrain from using those types of products.

You will breathe much better, more deeper and your sinuses will clear. You will be amazed how much your emotional tone and health improves when you get rid of the FAKE fragrances.