Auricular Clearing Initiation

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In ancient times and throughout many cultures such as India, China, Tibet, Sumeria, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemeuria, Aztec and Mayan Cultures as well as Native American, aura clearing ritual has been used for initiation, healing and rejuvenation.

Even today, Spaniards in South America, Native Americans such as Cherokee, Yaqui and Mexican natives continue this ancient practice as a healing modality. Although the materials may differ considerably where as South American cultures may use newspaper and incense, straw-shaped cloth and wax cones are used in Europe and the Amish culture continue the practice adapted from the Cherokee style. China and the Philippines continue to use ear candles as well Choctaw Native Americans who simply blow smoke as the conduit for clearing and healing while omitting other materials traditionally used.

The western, English term for this ancient practice is called “ear-coning” or “auricular candling”, combining bees wax, cotton cloth and herbs shaped into a long cone-like cylinder. One end of the cylinder is lit while resting at the opening of the ear canal. As the cone gently smolders, soft, spiraling smoke travels down into the ear. Through a reverse osmotic pressure that equalizes the eustachian tubes, wax, debris and mold allergies are cleared out of the ear and away from sensitive nerve endings.

However, there is a greater effect happening with this ritual that is not so commonly understood or recognized. An informal initiation is activated inside of one’s own system for radical clearing, powerful healing and a gradual attunement to an ascension process.


Ear-Coning Benefits Possible:

* Aura Clearing
* Realignment and Cleansing of subtle energy flow
* Sharpening of mental faculties such as vision, hearing, taste and color perception
* Clearing of debris on nerve endings allowing for higher frequencies to flow into mind, body and for enhanced spirit communication
*Supports other healing modalities such as massage, psychotherapy, chiropractic work, personal coaching and more.

3-Part Healing Application

As a practitioner of ear-coning for over thirty years and with psychic site, the shift that happens with this ritual application is indeed an initiation as it shifts energy dramatically within a three-session application.

In all the years that I have been applying this method to heal and clear auras, there is only one type of candle that is truly effective in delivering the most advantageous experience possible. Candles that have been prepared in ritual, with loving care and deep consideration is the upmost requirement for an effective healing experience possible through this ancient method.

Using the ear candles as a healing method demonstrates that the process happens in a three-part series. In each of these segments, it is clearly revealed to me what is happening as this ancient healing method is applied:

  1. The first session clears the outermost aura of random thought-currents, contaminating debris and dark matter possibly causing the onset of disease while the smoke pouring into the ear pulls up the first layer of wax.
  2. The second session is scheduled a few days later after aura energies have readjusted and settled in preparation for a more intense clearing. In this session, the next layer of the aura is vacuumed by the osmotic pressure removing older thought-currents that have created habitual thinking patterns that are working against your good health. This would include defeating habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or eating low-vibration foods that have no nutritional value. This is a basic interpretation of what is possibly addressed in this second session. Each person is unique in how they are impacted and in how they experience the shifts.
  3. A few days later, we meet for your third session. By now, your energies have begun to shift in a profound way causing you to have greater clarity in thinking and the ability to breathe deeper and fuller; you feel relaxed more often, experience less stress as you enter into a stabilizing effect psychologically. You are also becoming more sensitive to what is correct or not, in food, drink, environment and so on.

In this third and final session, the candles penetrate into the chakras and begin removing chords from past relationships or experiences causing defeating thought-currents or the onset of disease. It is in this session where much is revealed as the layers have been cleared away and a pure channel of psychic site is facilitated. In this session, the right kind of diet, healing herbs, lifestyle habits, mantras, meditations, exercises and so on are imparted through a divine, akashic channel of Raja Vidya knowledge. Including, the habits, people or places that are causing blockages, challenges or discord in relating or manifesting the life that is correct for you are also indicated.

It is for all these reasons stated above that this healing application is not to be taken lightly nor intended for curiosity seeking. You will be impacted, initiated and changed by the process – beginning with the first session, on a subtle level.

Only those who are ready for transformation, healing, ready to address what is defeating or blocking your process of unfoldment into a relaxed, centered, aware state and those who are open to a profound opportunity for awakening should schedule an appointment with me.




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