Cool Kundalini

“ok Kashi… but do u think that in the case of the two of us there is any compatibility according to the HD charts and where do these point to in the future?
since families are also involved – my side of the family feels that we must not let things break due to misunderstandings ….
so i just wanted to know where do you see this going?”


This is usually, what people want to know when I am looking at the charts of two lovers.
Is there compatibility and is there a “future” for the relationship.


Finding Love

Being “in love” makes life very confusing because two lovers become one and so do their thought-currents and karma while creating odd situations with lots of challenges formed out of two lives compressed into one. Most of the time, lovers are not ‘compatible’ and many lovers adopt certain habits, hobbies and interests in order to become more compatible – moving further away from their true nature and life role.

Understand that I consider relationships to be good and useful, especially if the two lovers are mature and well-grounded in their own being. However, I have yet to meet and experience more than a handful of secure, compatible couples who truly enjoy each other’s company. More so, I watch people compensate for a state of ‘comfort’ and what is perceived as ‘stability’, mostly to soothe the fear of change.

Divorce and breakups are like bandages for a larger, deeper, more intense issue that is directly related to the relationship that we have with our own self. The measure of self-respect and discernment regarding what is healthy, beneficial, compatible and appropriate directly impacts who we choose to surround ourself with, who we spend time with and allow to influence the way we think, behave and navigate.

The gentleman above found his lover on a dating website where people advertise their profile in hopes of meeting someone nice and “compatible’. The relationship is formed purely out of mental strategizing and not through a natural life trajectory.


Derailing Life and Missing Opportunities

This is another area where society is ‘de-railing’ so to speak because the natural cosmic law that is inherent in each humans’ life design is a natural navigation that leads a human into the right place, the right people, the right timing for opportunities, advancement, abundance and a measure of success. However, most people are not interested in that trajectory, I have found.

That natural trajectory does not operate on hormones, sexual attraction, fear of being alone nor reacts to life from a lack of self-confidence. The natural trajectory is the core of one’s being that pulls the life force in a specific direction for the best opportunities. This can be akin as to how the “G” center is described in Human Design – sorta.

Intentionally, I have chosen to no longer engage in romantic relationships so that I can truly get to know who I am and fulfill my life role as it is designed by traveling a natural life trajectory. By keeping myself in a deep, intense state of surrender, not knowing what is going to happen next yet, trusting while keeping myself busy doing the things I enjoy doing, remaining ‘unclutched’, i am naturally guided into great opportunities.

How I manage my personality and tendencies colors the experiences that I have so it is a life-long lesson learning to harness one’s self so that one is getting the best experiences. One must be fearless and determined, tolerant and patient, forgiving and not take things personally if one is going to be flowing in the path of the greatest opportunities.

It seems impossible to know one’s self well inside a love relationship as it requires most of our attention and allegiance to the bond of ‘couple-hood’. Additionally, one must consider how their lover is going to be impacted or react. It’s absolutely stifling to the flow of creativity to be in a love relationship, in my opinion.

I have watched master artists, such as musicians and performers achieve genius level of artistic expression and then fall into a mundane space of creative expression the moment they become ‘hitched’ with a lover. The creative stream seems to go flat when the attention is turned towards managing one’s life according to another person’s needs and reactions.

Most relationships are born out of the formula of “opposites attract”, also known as electromagnetics. You can look at two lovers’ charts, especially those who are addicted to each other – good or bad – and see the sun on one side of the wheel and the sun of the other directly in opposite position on the wheel. The more exact opposite, the more the sexual attraction and addiction to the relationship. The closer the suns are in position on the astrology wheel such as in the same houses (constellations), usually, the more compatible two people are – on a general level. Yet, there will be much less ‘fire’ in the attraction that is naturally created by the friction of electromagnetics. If the suns are not in the same house nor in opposite positions with each other then most likely, the relationship is purely contrived and absent of “glue” to hold it together.

You can see what the life story is of a relationship based on a composite chart – it is very different from the natural individual life story and life trajectory. The composite life story completely cancels out the individual opportunities, or good luck that might come up and cancels out the beneficial connections.
Most humans are driven to seek out the unconscious thrill of friction created by the polarized position of ‘opposites attract’. That thrill of attraction is what many relate and refer to as the feeling of being ‘in love’.

Yet, that opposite attracts method of relating has a dark side. Ultimately, this causes a stream of odd experiences which feel very much like suffering. Actually, it is suffering because it distorts all of life’s happenings and keeps one far away from experiencing a sweet space of self-confidence and creative satisfaction.
As a solo person, I am blessed to be traveling a life highway that can be considered the most natural trajectory for a human living out their true, life role. Life naturally brings the right place, the right people and the right circumstances at the right moment. It’s amazing to watch it happen. Usually, I do not look at others charts until I have spent some time around a person so that I can organically form my opinion or discernment of their character without the influence of astrology. Later, I look to see if what I was sensing was in accordance to the actual definition of a person or if I was projecting.

What I witness on the solo life-trajectory path is a continuous ‘bumping into’ the right people, landing in the right places and gaining some of the best opportunities that I could never devise or strategize. Im always pleasantly surprised when I discover an alignment with my life trajectory because usually, it means that we have the talents and abilities to support each in our true, life roles and achieve a level of success that would not be possible on our own.
However, in order for that true life trajectory to ignite and thrive, the players or people bumping into each other must be centered, clear and confident as well as sovereign to enjoy and operate from that same space. And even tho there might be an alignment, still, there are the personalities that are conditioned, lacking self-confidence and with the tendency to compete, dominate to relieve pressure and compare because they are not in-tune with their inner nature nor feeling truly confident in who they are. In that case, the opportunity dissipates quickly and our paths separate. A new, geometric connection always follows and replaces a failed or fruitless geometric connection when one is in a natural life flow.

It is this alignment in life trajectory that causes the blissful kundalini sensations in my body, indicating to me that our connection is a ‘good match’ for working together or collaborating in some way. If it is a really great connection, astrologically, for my life role, the more ecstasy I experience in my body while in their presence. However, that blissful sensation is in measure to the condition of the other person’s mind, as well. If it’s a great geometric connection yet they are not stable nor mentally healthy, then there is very little or no bliss in my body; the opportunity is there yet, the lack of bliss indicates that it will not be an easy alignment and most likely, not that lucky nor successful.

These types of connections, when both parties are healthy in body, mind and spirit also manifest opportunities for experiencing abundance, I have found. The more sovereign I am in my own being and the less distracted I am with romance, the more money I make and the more beauty I create as I naturally align with the right people in the right place.

Projectors are endowed with this same type of electrical kundalini sensation. Naturally, their body lights up when the right words are spoken for leading into the right direction for great opportunities or a fruitful connection has been made for achieving a level of success in the collaboration. Most Projectors are not tuned into that subtle language, yet, when they are tuned into those subtle, kundalini sensations, it is really cool to observe them respond to life in action.
My brother who is a Projector operates his life entirely on these body sensations. Wow – I wish more Projectors were tuned into this natural navigation – what a different world this would be and so much more helpful for the Generators, too. From one body sensation to the next he would tell me what he sensed was a great idea or a good direction when I was in the process of making a decision. He also uses this same kind of body sensation as a natural intuitive sense for his own life navigation. Amazing to watch him move through life in this way as he has no interest in astrology nor conscious-expansion eastern practices – yet, I can observe his body ripple from the electrical currents as a purely conscious being. It is a very natural way of navigating his life by relying on these subtle sensations in his body indicating, “this is a great idea or this is not the right direction or this is not a correct alliance.” He is highly impacted by smell, too; another powerful, natural trait endowed in the Projector system.

I also watch this same gift of intuitive guidance get disregarded for the benefit of a relationship and how the partner may react. This is why most Projectors are not tuned into this subtle, body voice – because they are focused on tailoring their behavior towards what will create harmony, comfort and so-called stability. This tends to be the norm rather than the tendency to be in integrity with their true feelings. Including, there is a lack of self-confidence that creates tremendous confusion and doubt in the mind, drowning out the natural, creative expression fostered by subtle body-navigation.

Connections that happen out of geometric alignment naturally empower the other on a subtle level if both people are busily engaged in doing what they love. This kind of connecting naturally leads to the feeling of bliss or a general level of satisfaction and enjoyment in the daily activity working towards productivity, creativity and completion of tasks; it’s peaceful, relaxing, fulfilling and naturally breeds a level of self-confidence in one’s abilities.

Is there a future for the lovers?

When looking at a chart, it does not indicate exactly who one is going to marry or how the two of you are going to live out your lives as a couple although it does state the natural tendency for your disposition and the type of experiences it might create. What it does show is the area of conflicts, the degree of attraction, the fate of a relationship according to one’s own personal design and mental perspective. It also shows the types of experiences that are designed by the cosmos for one to grow and mature – good and bad – depending on how stupid or wise one is.
So, are you going to be miserable? Are you going to be challenged? How are you behaving? What are you neglecting? Are you enjoying?
First, understanding how one has been designed and how one creates the best within that design, are the most important questions to ask one’s self. Yet, this is hardly ever considered as one moves on the propelling motivation of electromagnetics and the charge of opposites attract. The emotional body loves an entertaining drama; it is like food for the emotional body.

Watch how the health and vitality is directly related with circumstances, events, interactions and the accompanying emotions. When one is engaged in challenging situations inside a relationship, watch if you become exhausted or ill. Do you tend to feel overwhelmed, stressed or confused?
What do you think is thriving on the devitalization of the body?

The emotional body is an entity, a part of the human 3-part system that has a tremendous impact on the physical body. If one is happy and thriving doing what they love, they are usually, very healthy. If there are challenges in the relationship, there is usually devitalization and exhaustion because something is feeding on the life force draining from the emotional energy spent.


What relaxation and satisfaction looks like

Recently, someone showed up and started working with me on one of my projects. They exclaimed how much they were enjoying the work and I watched their health improve and the essence of their appearance become more alive, with a golden cast to their aura rather than the dark, grey cast like when they first showed up. They are going through a divorce and had been feeling a great sense of loss. However, I don’t enjoy dramatic stories – im too busy – so they were asked to ‘please keep your story’ and please don’t bother me with it.   Stay focused on the work.

One day, I asked the person for their birth date and time, I was curious why they kept showing up to do more work and why their health was improving so rapidly and why their mood had improved greatly and the cause for sudden boost in productivity.

Looking at the chart, I found a very strong geometrical connection for working together and taking life up to the next level. I mentioned to this person what I had discovered and emphasized that it is not a romantic connection at all – strictly for work and success with a measure of ‘good luck’. Once that was understood and grasped, I watched a tremendous amount of relaxation set in as well as a level of confidence and vitalization. The romantic story was taken out of the equation as it freed up the opportunity to thrive in talent and skills. Any possibility of success or good luck would be wiped out if a romantic entanglement took over.

Moving from the space of gaining success for one’s individual life role is certainly a new way of operating in life and most likely, frightening and intimidating as humans are not taught how to be naturally sovereign for gaining the most satisfaction.

Life is that delicate. Choose wisely how you spend your time and with who.

Don’t be stupid. It’s not worth it.