The ‘Plandemic’

“I was just pondering everybody’s astrological stories on the planet right now. There is obviously massive upheaval all over the world….lots of stress, anger and depression. It’s affecting me as well (do to my constant research) even though I’m very “disconnected” from society.

So many people killing themselves, having to quit their jobs do to Injection Mandates, riots/protests, marshal law in Australia, etc, etc…..

Would you say people’s astrological stories are objective and outside of the current planetary story with this “great reset” perpetuated by the Plandemic….or were the astrological stories written with the fore sight that this would be experienced on Earth at this time, and thus this madness is incorporated into our individual stories?

Hope that makes sense.”



Once in a while, I get a question like this from a friend who knows I spend a great deal of time studying the cosmos and planetary forces.

Does a person’s life story speak about the pandemic that is happening right now?


What a chart can indicate is the potential to become ill – that is all. It does not say that there is a pandemic happening at this time and you are one of the victims and you are going to suffer in some way.

What I do see in the charts is the personal growth that is taking place inside of one’s being. It does not have anything to do with the “plandemic”. The life experiences that are happening with each individual is directly associated with the position and relationship with the planets – not the news.

For instance, in my chart at this time, I have over six different Uranus activations influencing my life story. Depending on how the Planets are relating determines how im being impacted while offering an array of experiences in accordance to my state of mind and level of spiritual maturation.

Uranus is about big changes in life, home and career. Therefore, I am going through some big changes.  Im actually very delighted about the changes. Most people would be terribly frightened with this many changes on the horizon.

Spiritual maturation is ultimately what human life is about and exactly what the planets are orchestrating throughout our life experiences. Changes are a big part of the spiritual growth process and can be challenging and difficult or challenges can be exciting bringing fresh new adventures into life. Most are frightened to death by the possibility of change and usually, avoid opportunity by ignoring the influence and remaining as comfortable as possible with no creative inspiration. That is the perfect space to breed fear, depression, anxiety and ultimately, suicide.

With each planetary activation comes a positive influence and a contrasting challenging influence. Which type of experience one has – good or challenging – depends on where one is in the maturation process, the disposition of character created by DNA, the position of planets and the conditioning one has taken in over the course of their life – causing one to behave and react in a certain way to situations and life happenings.

For instance, in the person’s question above, it is presented with the perspective of the world in upheaval, lots of stress, anger, and depression – so many people killing themselves, etc. He even admits that he is being influenced by the media through his research on what is happening related to the “plandemic”. I do know that he watches nightly podcasts that thrive on these sensitive, hot topics. So, of course, he is highly conditioned to be impacted by the social “plandemic” and to have a slightly dark perspective of what is happening on the planet at this time.

“Social” is key word here because that is where the pandemic is taking place. Notice the person posing the question says that he is disconnected from society, yet, only physically, which is a very small portion of the total being.

For understanding how one is perceiving and living out a reaction to this social pandemic, we look at the moon activations with the subtle influences of other planets creating the social experience.

Right now, his moon is square Jupiter, square Uranus and square Kiron. This means that he is feeling a tremendous amount of pressure to think negatively, resist change and express a pessimistic viewpoint. Is he susceptible to disease or illness at this time?


When looking at his birth chart, we can see that he tends to be moody and dives into periods of brooding and unnecessary concern. In his current major life cycle, Uranus Opposition, we find that confusion overrides his ability to see clearly and overpowers his intuition.

This person is a very dear friend of mine and he knows well that I don’t watch podcasts, don’t read the news nor do I pay attention to what is happening around the globe. I have no clue that people are suffering to the extent that he is describing.

He is usually, the first to send me a link to a news article to inform me of serious events happening in the world. He always begins his email to inform me with: ”I know you don’t know what is happening in the world right now”…….and then, follows with the most recent news update.

Its true, I don’t pay attention because first, im way too busy creating my life just the way I like it while tending to my garden, too. I don’t have time to pay attention to the news. Secondly, if I paid attention to all the horrible news streaming on the airways right now, I could become terribly concerned, depressed and frightened and eventually, lose all creative inspiration. That sounds like an absolutely awful state of mind.

There is nothing I can do about the news nor the reports used to influence us nor the social media blasts attempting to inform in many ways. Honestly, it is just too much and not really fun. What a drag.

Just watching everyone walk around with masks on says enough for me about the condition of the world. They are breathing their exhalations and avoiding oxygen and believe that they are ‘saving” themselves and others by doing that.

When people show up at my place usually, the first question they ask me is: “Do you want me to keep my mask on?”

“No”, I say, “Please take it off and breath some oxygen.”

It’s actually very, very toxic breathing in our exhalation – research it on google please.
(here is a link:

Wearing a mask is useless, really. Viruses enter in through the eyes as well as mouth and the nose. They can even move through our subtle body from one person into another and even through the air when there is no other person present.

The only way to avoid viruses is to breath plenty of oxygen and maintain a strong immune system while remaining sovereign in our own energy field, which is maintained through the practice of meditation. So, what is the real reason we are being forced to wear them? It’s too dark to ponder.

Of course, I do not want to breathe another person’s breath so I make sure we are outside, windows are down and that they are not hovering over me breathing on me – at least 4-5 feet away. Pandemic or not, I cannot stand breathing other people’s breath. It’s a direct channel into absorbing their reality – which I don’t want. For that reason, please don’t stand so close.

Most people have an odor to me and the most unpleasant odors lately, are coming from people who have been “jabbed”, as they say. That is also very telling to me. I don’t need the news to tell me what that means. I wouldn’t be able to rely on the news anyhow. I don’t think the side effect of odor has been mentioned anywhere, has it?

There are universal signs of the times that could be translated in a general way to indicate that there is something happening on this planet, at this time. However, each person has a very unique experience in how they relate with reality. That is what really counts here and seems to answer the question.

If we expose ourselves to the conditioning then we become the victim of conditioning. If we entertain ourselves with creative endeavors and remain focused on our current environment where it counts the most, then we have a grip on reality – as it pertains to us, as an individual living out a life story right where we are in the moment and hopefully, enjoying ourselves, regardless of what other people are doing or the news is broadcasting. I cannot help the people in New York yet, I can water my flowers and trees and keep the weeds out.

As I pointed out above detailing the definition of the person who wrote the question, it’s all a matter of the mental inclination as to how one experiences reality; and even more so, how one is conditioned.

Feed your mind a healthy diet instead of junk food.