Please Keep Your Story

Anyone who studies astrology can easily see that every person has a life story. In that story we find the Sun sign, the Moon and the rest of the planets defining the character, its role and life path. We can also view life events coming up and what has occurred in the past as well as what is happening in the moment. With sophisticated astrological systems such as the ancient Vedic astrology, a life-long student and practitioner can view the illnesses, the events of childbirths, marriages, affairs, promotions with work, inheritances and so on. Even the time of death can be easily calculated by the seasoned Vedic astrologer.


I remember back in 1998, a Vedic astrologer offered to conduct a reading for me and I shall never forget her words: “Your uncle is going to take away your inheritance.” That never sunk in as a possibility or that she could truly predict my future. However, many years later, that is exactly what happened.

Including, once while visiting my Vedic astrology teacher, in 2010, she asked for the birth data of a comrade. While looking at his chart she exclaimed that he would be passing over (death) in just a few months, which was a surprise because he was not ill or failing in health in any obvious way. However, he did pass within a couple of months from a fatal heart attack.

I have tremendous respect for the Vedic astrology science.


Each person’s horoscope or astrological profile is a life story written by the planets and stars as each human becomes the puppet of a bizarre, outrageous cosmic play. Everything from the good to the bad, the evil and the “light” can be defined according to this sophisticated ancient science.

Yet, there is a simpler way to see and understand human nature, just by observing how our body responds to environments, people and events. It is much easier for the ‘sensitive’ type, as it is called in Vedic astrology, than the ‘intellectual’ type to see the subtle cues that are being conveyed on an ‘unseen’ level or through subconscious relating. ‘Sensitive’ type is the same that we find in the Human Design science understood as the ‘Emotionally defined’ and the ‘intellectual’ type recognized as the ‘non-emotional’ type.

Addressing these two types of definition or kinds of humans as emotional and non-emotional is a huge misnomer because all humans have an emotional body and express emotion in different ways. However, the ‘emotional’ type, as it is called in Human Design, is actually much more sensitive to environments and people beyond the intellectual type who tend to be much more mental in how they perceive and translate life events.


The sensitive type truly feels and experiences the subtler energies in the forefront of their mind and intuitive perception. The intellectual is processing events and people, experiences and environments through logical thinking, attempting to give reason, organization and identification to all aspects of life experiences. The sensitive type will communicate that they are feeling a certain way that either makes them uncomfortable or feel good in someone’s presence or in a certain place. They will also tend to react dramatically to life events, which can frighten the intellectual type, repelling their company and support. In turn, the sensitive type will feel rejected, neglected and misunderstood by the intellectual who cannot grasp why the sensitive type is reacting the way it is. These two are drastically different types of humans and equally perplexing to the other.


Another common duality in human species is the distinction of ‘defined will’ and the ‘undefined will’. Using the ancient Vedic astrology science, we gain better understanding taking into consideration the doshas and gunas, which ultimately creates the interpretation of defined ego versus undefined, and understood as ‘strong will or weak will’.

However, one does not need a system to ‘see’ if the other is a defined ego or not – one can just feel and know. Through expanded awareness, it becomes obvious which of these two types of definition one is interacting with.

For the one who is sensitive, the experience of the undefined or defined ego is felt in the Solar Plexus chakra and associated organs such as: stomach, pancreas, colon and intestines and feels like pressure. The Solar Plexus is the turning point from lower mind to higher mind and most humans are operating from the lower mind, creating an overwhelming sensation in the internal organs which are greatly impacted by the emotional body and the thought-currents. Depending on the level of insecurity and the level of self-esteem, pressure is felt in equal measure – regardless of type.

“Ego / Will” is really about a natural self-confidence. One does not have pressure to prove nor a deeply ingrained insecurity or lack of self-esteem if one has a naturally strong will. When there is pressure to prove, it is a weaker will that expresses arrogance combined with a pressure to prove self-worth. This can be displayed through competition, comparing, criticizing and a need to display or prove self-importance. They also tend to copy rather than produce something original because there is lack of self-confidence in their creative expression.


For the couple that is a combination of the two definitions: defined and undefined ego or strong will versus weaker will, the spleen is greatly impacted as well as the Liver and definitely the stomach and pancreas where pressure is felt the most. Lovers ultimately become one person and when it is a combination of two life stories and their own individual chemistry mixed together with a weak and a strong will, there is an overwhelming impact on all internal organs, in some way.

In fact, I have observed the stronger will lover become terribly insecure while the weaker will/ ego exerts a method of manipulation and power to control the naturally strong-willed lover. Through insecurity expressing as arrogance and constant belittlement and criticism on the strong-willed a terrible power-play is in action dictating the overall state of the relationship.

This subtle power-play helps relieve the overwhelming discomfort and pressure that the weaker will experiences. If the strong-will does not know itself well, a terrible imbalance sets in and slowly erodes the natural sovereignty of the defined ego – or what can be termed as the ‘strong will’.


For me as a sensitive being with a naturally strong will, not only do I feel the pressure related to my Solar Plexus and associated organs, I also begin belching when I’m near a being who is insecure and tends to compare, compete and criticize, exuding tremendous pressure to prove their self-worth and entitlement – defined or undefined. The belching reaction has an entire language of its own indicating to me the health and mental condition of the one exuding tremendous pressure on my internal organs and Solar Plexus chakra. There is also an overwhelming sensation in my quality of breathing coupled with the belching relating the condition of the person near me.

Needless to say, when I am experiencing these sensations, I must exit and take space away from the pressure as soon as possible. It is terribly uncomfortable and bizarre. It’s incredibly easy for me to sit with someone who is at peace with their inner being regardless of their definition and life story; there is no uncomfortable pressure nor is there any strange belching reaction and usually, my breathing pathways remain open and clear. Needless to say, I enjoy my alone time and space tremendously where there is no pressure on my system and my breathing remains deep with vitalizing prana.


Regardless if one is intellectual or sensitive, the body will react, respond and act out whatever pressure is there causing the internal organs to feel uncomfortable and ultimately, the whole being psychologically, emotionally and intuitively. Some may even become critically ill when sharing space and company of one who is insecure, arrogant and tends to criticize.

For this reason, I say, “Please Keep Your Story”. It is of paramount importance who we choose to be our friend, our lover and our housemate according to how our body is feeling, especially our stomach, pancreas, spleen and liver. Breathing space is a big deal, too. Imagine inhaling heavy sighs filled with depression or thoughts of a low self-image exhaled in your environment. We become what we choose to live with…or breathe.

There is probably nothing more effective in transforming these uncomfortable subtle energies than by remaining firmly sovereign in one’s own being, regardless of the story the mind creates or how another behaves or attempts to manipulate.

Plenty of fresh air helps tremendously, truly. Perhaps that is why I love where I live so much as I enjoy massive amounts of fresh ocean breeze.

Eventually, energy seeks its own kind just like water seeks its own level.

Just let it flow on by and be grateful it’s gone while enjoying your own breathing space.