Your Projection on My Reflection / “Dear Kashi”

For greater clarity and a more expanded discussion, I have posted readers comments in
response to the last article regarding the topic: “Soul”. You may find the brief discussions interesting or our exchange may answer your own pondering after reading the article. 

In case you missed the article and didn’t get a chance to read it, you can view it here


READER #1 ……….Thanks for the Advice!

It seems you learn the most from the mishaps that take place.”


Don’t we all?

I share my mishaps because I think it is helpful to use my life and experiences as examples to make a point; in so doing it is authentic, honest and true….and relatable. 

My motivation in sharing these experiences with you is to encourage your ability to expand. That is all. 

Beyond my “mishaps” I live in a wonderful state of relaxation and bliss and immense creativity with high vitality while existing on very little sleep and very little food. That seems to be less interesting to most people.

“I see you are Still searching for the thing you feel is missing, but only you don’t see that you have had it all along.  You are whole.”

And this advice:

 “Sorry the Lover did not fulfill your being.  No other person can.  It comes from you. And You only.”  

Perhaps you missed my closing statement on the topic ……

”This time, I choose ……. the path leading me towards greater union with divine forces. At this point in my evolution, there is nothing alluring about romance – at all. The fulfilling sensation of wholeness in my being is beyond measure and any physical entanglement with another.”

Last bit of advice from reader #1:


You may wish to have the word Soul removed from your affiliate.  Especially after writing your most recent article.

She was right – the word “Soul” was on my Ayurvedic website. When I went back to read the content and saw how it was used, it felt so odd. Ayurvedic addresses physical body and mental health. It has nothing to do with “soul”. Im glad she pointed it out and I could fix it.

READER #2………….A Lost Soul

“read the looooong article. Lots of cursing dear… must have lost your “soul”. haha…..”

That was funny.

READER #3…….Ego, Soul, Personality, Design??????


“Wouldn’t the “Soul” be considered our “Ego”  “Personality”?  “Our Design”?  Who “we are”?  I suppose there needs to be some sort of label to describe that aspect of us just like any other label, right?”

Here, we can see that this person is slightly confused thanks to Human Design. 

Let’s throw HD out the window to remove the confusion, while we seek clarity through the ancient teachings. Forget the terms “Personality” and “Design” as it will only distort your thinking process while attempting to grasp understanding. And…its “hogwash”. 


Some people use the term “Soul” to represent the individual or the “ego”.

Some people use the term “soul” to represent consciousness as it flowers inside our being. Yet, the problem with using the word “soul” in this way is that consciousness has no single identity whereas soul implies a spiritual identity. 


Many use the term “ego” to represent the Social character, or personality in its most unattractive state. 

All of this nonsense makes things confusing. 

Yet, there is a possibility for clarity here and I would like to make a few suggestions on how we can best use these terms to reduce the confusion. 

Using ancient astrology as a guide, it becomes obvious that there are three aspects of our being living out simultaneously throughout each day – mostly in equal measure: the social character, the individual identity and the aspect of consciousness.

Ego is Identity or a person’s individuality. In this case it is neither good nor bad, rather ego is the part of us that yearns to be seen, understood and aligned properly so that we can thrive, create, enjoy life and feel peaceful – all in alignment with our chemistry and true nature. However, most people do not come close to tasting their true identity in this context. 

Personalties, the social character, is often shaped through conditioning, living out the root pattern, which includes karmic influences carried over from past lives. This is where most people are experiencing life. In this place we are living purely at a reactive state that is confused, depressed or challenged by relationships, most of the time. There are highs and there are lows – depending on what is happening in the moment.  This part of us is often referred to as the “Ego”, however, that is not the best term or title for this part of our being.

In this place of “Social Personality”, we foster the huge split that most of us carry inside such as what we are thinking is different than what we are saying and often, what we are doing is very different from how we are thinking and feeling. At the same time, how others are perceiving us is different than who we think we are or wish to be yet, live differently. 

And what we are presenting to the world, as our character, is usually lower than the true nature of our being. Sometimes, arrogance is perceived as feeling higher than others however, it is only an immature mentality stemming from insecurity, making up for deeper feelings of inadequacy and a lower inner image. The feeling of inadequacy that many carry inside stems from feeling a measure of self-doubt, self-hatred that is unconsciously fostered by an unenlightened society, environment and unconscious upbringing. Most of humanity has not been given the empowerment for developing our true nature nor the tools for creating a balanced state in our chemistry, which creates a natural, peaceful, relaxed state of being.

On my website, there is a fantastic article that goes into more detail regarding these distinct parts of our being. Click here to read article

* You can see the degree of split in a person according the balance of their eyes. Take a selfie and see if your physical eyes are in perfect alignment across your face. If one is slightly lower or more closed, then your psychology is out alignment and your thoughts are in conflict with your actions and experiences. 


READER #4…… Question #1

Why do you say that the soul does not exist – we are definitely more then the flesh body so there is something more to us? what do you refer to that ‘extra’ as?

I was curious if anyone would actually inquire about what is THAT other part of us if there is no “soul”. 

The true state of consciousness is difficult to grasp, understand and communicate. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood terms regarding an evolved state of being is the term “oneness”. 

I have watched so-called spiritual groups attempt to define and express what they feel is this exalted state of “oneness” that is often expressed in spiritual teachings and revealed by enlightened masters. 

Reader #1, made this comment in her letter of advice: “Enlightened or not! We work off each other. We are one, of the many parts. All connected. “ 

This is precisely how most people view the state of oneness. Yet, it is very different from the concept of Oneness as it is meant in the spiritual teachings because as one organism we have lots of karma to deal with and lots of personality quirks bouncing around creating tremendous mayhem, confusion and chaos. 

The true state of oneness is the space inside our being that merges into divine union – that which the Hindu science of Yoga attempts to convey to humanity and teach to those who surrender and apply its methods and disciplines. 

We could be sitting next to people on a bus and be in a state of oneness with the divine yet, not in oneness with the people on the bus. Heaven forbid!

The more one is immersed in a state of oneness, the more resilient and removed they are from others. Most likely, they would opt not to take the bus. 

In this blessed state of divine oneness, something entirely different is operating our life – it is not our social personalty, as it is for most and it is not our ego or individuality as it should be for most. 

Rather, a force flows through our being responding to existence on several planes at once as we become an instrument for serving humanity, enriching those who have ear to hear (or eyes to read) and radiating an essence of powerful healing energy that can only occur from this space of divine oneness and the body vehicle that has been transformed.

This state of oneness is very different than a bunch of personalities bouncing off of each others conditioning, insecurities, comparisons, competition, greed, fears and lack of self-confidence. 

This is why enlightened masters often, retreat from public life and enter into a reclusive lifestyle. Society can be a very messy, unpleasant place to hang out. Rather, they choose to  sit somewhere in samadhi, radiating divine energy and enjoying the blissful state of union – ALONE. This is divine oneness and the space beyond our mind, pure consciousness that has no identity, therefore, no soul. 

Reader #3’s question above is a perfect example of the confusion that many hold regarding identity versus oneness with the divine. 

Question #2

As for relationships – if people did not get into them, how will the human race progress – enlightenment is not forbidden to family life – isnt it?

In order to create family, two people must enter into sexual union. Coupled with that act is the surge of passion that creates the fertile environment for sexual intimacy, deep affection and the possibility of conception. 

When this surge of energy happens inside our being, in a stimulated sexual act, energy is flowing out through our Root Chakra while highly stimulated and active in our Sacral Spleen chakra and Solar Plexus chakra, too. We are working with the forces of planet earth to make more humans. 

The seed of a human life comes from the earth and first enters into the semen of the male approximately ten hours before the sexual act happens. When the “seed” enters the male body, it comes in through food while he is eating. (source: Upanishads) The three lower chakras are essential as energy flows down and connects with the earth’s energy and the conditions are being prepared for conception and a new life. 

When the Sacral / Spleen chakra is activated sensually and enters into an intimate act of sexuality with another, a bubble forms around the two lovers, uniting them as one being. “The two shall become one” is a common saying in western marriage vows and taken from the New Testament of the Bible. 

Universal, cosmic law dictates that nothing can penetrate the bubble of sexual union and disrupt the bond. When two are glued together through sex, nothing can penetrate nor disturb the bond, not even an enlightened guru. The bedroom of two lovers becomes off limits to certain cosmic energies. 

The third chakra, second chakra and root chakra remain cemented together as well as the spleen and the liver while the other chakras remain dormant during the couple hood. Now, the couple are in a state of couple-union = sexual oneness.

That space of sexual oneness is very different from the space of “radiating” with the Crown Chakra connection, the space of enlightenment created through the Hindu science of Yoga. You can see the vast difference through the fleeting bliss of orgasm coupled with emotional highs and lows, confusion and a dullness that has limited perception or clarity or lack of focused, unique creativity.  

When a being is in a state of divine oneness created through meditation and the practices of the science of union (yoga), energy is flowing through the top of the head, through an activated Crown chakra. 

In that space of “radiating”, all chakras are activated however, the lower chakras are softly humming and quiet while the heart, throat, Ajna, Crown are highly active and in a powerful space of creativity. 

There is no good or bad, right or wrong or better or worse. Some people are hard-wired for sexual union and love making babies or they enjoy the ecstasy of orgasm and the thrills of sexual lust or the soothing sensation of affection. There is a wide range of experiences and reasons why people choose the path of sexual union. This could be considered “Integral Yoga” – maturing through lots of human experiences.

There is a small handful that are disinterested with the human sexual experience, drink in their space of aloneness and enjoy the sensation that spiritual surrender provides. In the science of enlightenment, this is the space that one evolves towards.

Both methods of union are available for the human experience and play out over thousands of lifetimes through a larger, cosmic maturation process.

In response to your question, “Z”,…… yes and no. You decide what you enjoy the most and what kind of enlightenment you would like to experience.