Ancient teachings reveal that there are three parts to our being: the “Dream” body, the “Physical” body and the third part, which is not a body, is a state or a layer that is manifested out of the mind; it is often referred to as the “Causal” body or causal state. 

“Causal body” became a widely used term during the turn of the century in many esoteric, Theosophical teachings. Thus it is a common, western term for indicating that which is difficult to describe and often used in place of the term “soul”.

However, the tendency for most humans is to consider this third part of our being as an entity with an identity and a unique path of its own; hovering just above our body and hopefully watching out for us like a guardian angel, guiding and protecting. Today, in this generation, we often call this manifestation of the mind: “soul”.



Yet, this third layer operates in a very unique way, different from the emotional and physical bodies. Instead, the causal layer can be identified as the place we enter into when we go into meditation. In quiet meditation, it is experienced as a deep, dark, colorless space with no movement or sound, no gender, religion or race.  It is that deep place inside of us that steps outside of the realm of “time and space” and bathes in a peaceful, relaxed state.

Even though this layer of the mind is perceived as the part that carries karma from lifetime to lifetime, such as the eternal “soul” moving from lifetime to lifetime, it does not operate in this way. It is the emotional body that is attached to memories that carries thoughts, dreams and remnants from past lives, lifetime to lifetime, and manifests as “karma” or disease from one lifetime to the next. What most people perceive as “soul” is actually the emotional body. 

The mind logically attempts to organize information in such a way that it is easy to grasp and misses this important understanding of how we are designed to evolve. However, these three parts are only primary and a very, very small part of the whole being so there is hope for expansion and evolution beyond the mind’s control of life and events, beyond the control of the emotions and their impact on health and beyond the distorted perceptions of reality happening through the senses.


The significance of these three parts and the evolution of how the mind interprets and uses them is what ultimately creates the space of enlightenment or awakening. This is the beauty of the human experience on the material plane. All of these three parts are components in the orchestration for arriving at the peak of human potential, JivanMukti and only possible through the human experience that moves from pain and suffering into relaxed, expanded awareness.


When the mind suddenly grasps that it is more than these three parts and realizes this truth deeply, profoundly, then, “”BOOM”” – enlightenment happens in that instant. 

When that realization happens, Shakti energy is released and soars through the body as it becomes a power, a superhuman potential capable of manifesting, creating, designing and orchestrating life in a grand space of self-confidence radiating immense healing frequencies. With this powerful surge of electricity happening in the body, one can drive life into positive circumstances and enjoy a natural state of abundance – whatever that may mean to the individual humming with life force.

The second thing that happens is the realization that all of life experience up to this point and beyond is merely a dream. The totality of the brain in operation and tapped into higher knowledge grasps this truth and settles into a relaxed, quiet, peaceful space of mundane existence on the material plane. An enlightened, awake being no longer pushes, grasps, recoils or feeds delusions, it just happily creates, humming away with high vitality doing what it enjoys doing – in the moment, dancing through the dream as it is written for this lifetime. 

Individual life legacy is written and commanded by the planets and stars, yet quality of life changes immensely when operating from a purified body and relaxed, content space, fully awakened.

If one desires to move beyond the lower nature expressed through anger and fear and the accompanying animal-like tendencies of greed, pain and suffering, drama, perceived enemies that block and hinder one’s ability to manifest success (victimhood), then, begin by applying a “mucus-free” diet. 

It is the mucus buildup in the body and internal organs, such as lungs, “fatty liver” and its inflammation, ulcerated colon, intestines and other vital, internal organs that become inflamed and the source of all frustration and anger as well as the pain and discomfort that the physical body is experiencing. Life is highly distorted as the sensory organs become more clogged and bogged down with mucus. It’s just not natural for the human organism to live in this way.

Check in with how your body feels now – in this moment.

How does your nose feel?
Are you breathing through both nostrils – or is one side closed?

How does the back of your throat feel?
…thick? Clogged? Scratchy?

Do your ears itch from time to time? 

What is the condition of your skin, toenails, fingernails, hair? 

Is there pain in your joints, fingers, knees and feet?

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning – do you jump out of bed or do you creep slowly because you are stiff?

Do you have reoccurring headaches?

These symptoms above are all created by the “clogginess” of the senses due to the amount of mucus in the body.

Mucus is also the root cause for low vitality and almost every kind of disease. It can slow a person way down, cause them to become sleepy and have no energy to create, plan or engage in productive activities. Sitting in front of the television all day is a band-aid for a mucus inflamed body that has no vitality.

Even more so, from a body filled with mucus comes the main cause for deflating personal willpower and to become a coward, unable to manifest nor drive life in a fruitful, abundant, positive way. Mucus is a big block physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially as it thrives in the “couch-potato” reality filled with low-quality foods, experiencing body pain, unable to move and living with tremendous mucus filled, clogged organs, ultimately, dull to life.

Cowardness caused by a mucus-filled diet manifests in three different ways:

  1. Not feeling powerful enough to manifest what one wants
  2. Blocks ability to think through ideas for planning or acting on a vision
  3. Creates Intense fear of enemies perceived to be overpowering and controlling one’s life events and circumstances. (Victimhood)



Consider for a moment:

What activities have you carried out today to manifest your highest vision?

What activities did you conduct yesterday to assist in manifesting your highest vision?

Anger and mucous is the lowest form of existence. When it is driving the life force, there is so much “pushing” to make things happen and an overpowering reaction that expresses a lack of trust in people or existence, unable to enjoy the support of positive people and their influences – or even recognize them when they are near and available or offering opportunity. 

Overwhelming anxiety, fear and paranoia, defeat, chaos and confusion fosters enemies or tends to drive people away as it is all manifested by mucus in the body while one is feeling tremendous pain in the joints, limbs, internal organs and even in the brain, such as ongoing headaches. All of these symptoms tend to create “cranky”, unkind personalities and are the expressions of internal inflammation combusting while trying to make something happen.

However, all of this can easily be transformed into a calm, peaceful, relaxed state through applying a mucus-free diet. Reducing the mucus in the body allows for much vitality and good health while creating a peaceful existence in body, mind and emotions, attracting supportive, loving people as one radiates a stable, content, peaceful, healthy presence. Healthy people truly enjoy other healthy, happy, thriving, vital people. 

A mucus-free diet has the ability to radically, quickly and smoothly transform one out of anger, frustration and disease and into a powerful human with the ability to manifest their highest vision, while creating and enjoying good health with the potential for experiencing a long life.  

It is that simple, really.  


To begin reducing mucus and inflammation in the body, commit to a simple 45 day exercise applying this alchemical formula imparted by ancient Hindu science:

5 cloves of garlic
¼ teaspoon of turmeric
½ teaspoon of cumin seeds
Dash of black pepper (activates medicinal properties of turmeric) 

Boil all ingredients for a few minutes and then grind into a paste or puree. Each night before going to bed, take one teaspoon or more of this remedy. You will begin to see results immediately in your quality of breathing and sleep, experience relief from pain and aches in joints and muscles, a reduction of mucus causing coughs and phlegm, reduction of inflammation in internal organs, ulcers disappear and their accompanying belches as well as anger and fear begin to subside; all of these side effects caused by mucus in the body begin to slowly fade away. 

What’s Your Diet?

Combined with a mucus clearing regime is adopting the type of diet that fosters and maintains a clean, healthy physical body with a calm emotional state. All of this requires intelligent life navigation for the best results.

Types of diets for improving health, reducing mucus and fostering a peaceful state of mind are rated from A to F. 

A – C diets are considered to be the highest forms of diet and conducive to fostering a constant evolution towards enlightenment. E and F diets are considered the lowest standard of diet and the main cause of fear, anger, frustration, sickness or blocks in manifesting what one desires.

A: Prana and Sun Rays – The “Royal Diet”
B: Pure Water and Organic Juices
C: Fruits, Starchless Vegetables and Greens – an anti-aging diet
D: Grains and Legumes, all Vegetables
E: Animal Products such as honey, yogurt, butter, and ghee included with a vegetarian diet
F: Animal flesh, having a heavy influence on how a person thinks and processes emotions

All animal products contain “bio-memory”, which is stored emotional energy that gets transferred through the muscles of the organism, as well as the cells from other parts such as blood, bone, milk, honey and so on, in the form of food, medicines or vaccines. 

Still, there remains a molecular component passing the frequency of the animal or insect, or human fetus that greatly impacts how one thinks, feels and makes decisions on an instinctive, reactionary level. 

Bee’s can be greatly impacted by the environment, becoming terribly stressed, causing great waves of entire hives dying suddenly. Aborted fetuses used to create vaccines carry the karmic DNA of their parents as well as the emotional state and thoughts of the mother within the tissue of the form that has been created by semen and egg. Certainly, the components used in ground up fetuses for formulating vaccines hold thought-forms and karmic DNA in the cell tissue as it is being used to create an “antidote” for disease. Even Chinese medicine tends to use animal parts for many of the formulas suggested for physical discomfort, illness and long-term diseases, passing along bio-memory, emotional karmic conditions and thought-forms.

This emotional bio-chemistry that is transferred from animal – or insect – or fetus – through food and medicine causes tremendous blocks in the body and in life circumstances – and becomes the cause of the inflammation that breeds physical pain as well as tremendous anger and fear, ultimately leading to disease.


Recalling photos of cows crying as they stand in line at the slaughterhouse, one can only imagine what kind of thoughts and emotions are soaring through their bodies as they approach their own death or demise. Imagine observing the blood gushing out of bodies nearby and the breath quickly ceasing while standing in line to be hit next, by the knife. This overwhelming fear becomes lodged in the muscle tissues of these animals that are being harvested for food and instantly transfers into the human body and psychology as one dines on their animal flesh.


Begin with the alchemical formula that is outlined above and continue for 45 days to discover how much better you can feel, suddenly.

Of course, refrain from eating animal flesh during the 45 day experiment and choose only organic foods.

Surely, you will notice a substantial difference in how you feel emotionally and physically.

Enlightenment is purely choosing to be enlightened and then, living it.

It’s that simple, really.