Soul, Clarity and Your Work

Many of you may remember the term that I used for several years to define the work that I was conducting: “Soul Design” ….tuning into who you are and why you are here by defining your soul design, attempting to go to the next level of my work with Human Design.

You may have noticed too, “Soul Design University” website is no longer active and has been turned off since January 2020. 

There is a very important reason why the website is no longer active and why there is no longer a “Soul University”. 

There is a saying:

“Most human suffering comes from taking advice or learning from unenlightened people”

….. it is true. 

When I first heard this saying, I was just beginning to discover the plethora of mistakes hidden in the Human Design teachings. For at least two years, I had been learning ancient teachings from an enlightened teacher and receiving His blessed initiations intended for waking me up when this idiom started to ring in my ear.  I would hear this message repeated over and over in my search for greater understanding and eventually, it began to sink in and I started waking up to the profundity of this fact. Gradually, HD began to lose its mesmerizing entanglement on my brain.

I remember asking the longtime secretary of Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, way back when, “Would you consider Ra Uru Hu enlightened?”

“Nah”, she replied.

He was clever, indeed. Enlightened?  No. 

No wonder I was holding a strange sense of confusion in my being for over a decade striving to get to some kind of a new awareness with the Human Design teachings. It would never happen. The teachings were too twisted and way out of whack to take me to the next level of my unfolding. In fact, the teachings were actually retarding my personal development in many ways. Yet, they do seem to offer some kind of understanding that unleashes a new direction for many, many people. 

What most fail to realize is that the teachings of Human Design are actually a take-off from ancient, Hindu teachings. When you study ancient shastras, you can begin to put the pieces together and see where this new-fangled teaching came from. After all, Ra Uru Hu had an eccentric library in his ruina during his “visit with the voice” that dished up some fabulous inspirational tidbits for a “genius to freak” mind that was probably bored and needed something to do.

What a masterpiece HD is, yet, what a fucked up mess it really is. I am sorry to say since I spent over thirteen years of my life making a career out of it and trying to convince people that it would help them to uncover the mystery of their soul and life purpose. HD does instill the feeling that you are going to have some kind of breakthrough about who you are and why you are here and how you operate. After all, the western mind has had almost no exposure to the teachings of enlightenment and the mechanics of the subtle, astral body. We are heavily inundated with Christian theosophy in our modern society. 

President Trump autographing Bibles??? …….Wow. 


Ancient sciences are intriguing to the western mind that is desperately trying to wake up to a spiritual unfolding. It’s exciting to discover that you have a “type” and a fixed chemistry that operates in a specific way. “No wonder” we do the things we do. However, it is not new information to the scholar of ancient, eastern Hindu knowledge of enlightenment. 

No wonder many of the ancient cultures have been suppressed and almost virtually wiped out. It would change the way the world operated if humans tasted the reality of evolved ways of operating inherent in our being and beyond the three lower chakras. Gone would be the super-conglomerates, pharmaceutical companies and oil-sucking rigs dotting the planet in gorgeous, natural, once pristine environments.

Thankfully, I can go into the ancient sciences now and pull out the thread of truth that is coherent and realistic, which fabulously wipes away confusion and opens wide the door to a new level of understanding about the human experience – and exactly what Ra Uru Hu was attempting to convey in his own unique way. 

He did love making money. 

I remember hearing that he loved to watch advertisements. He would actually skip through a movie and tune into the advertisements to see what the marketing companies were creating in the field of seducing society into buying, appealing to their obsessions, their greed and tendency towards addiction. Before Spain, the ruina, “the voice” and HD, his career specialized in marketing and advertising. He loved to study the clever approaches for selling products to the masses. He loved making money – lots of it.  


It was the initiations with my enlightened teacher that eventually revealed the true meaning behind human existence – and the design of being a human. Over time, it was as if a layer of cobwebs were removed from my eyes. 

It took years – not just a few initiations – many years to uncover my eyes and to turn on my brain – my higher brain – not my gut brain. It is very much like turning on the lights in a dark room. It takes time for the eyes to adjust to the new “light”, the new perspective so you can see properly and grasp the reality of what is. 

And it continues today……there are many layers of conditioning that must be removed from my being and still, the cobwebs of a lifetime continue to be removed.

I wish so much that I would have remained entrenched in my yoga studies that began during the 90’s before I derailed my maturation process with the fascination of HD. There has been nothing satisfying in my process learning the HD teachings, really.  I have come full circle back to where I was in 1992, starting the journey over. When I go back and read my diaries, I am repeating the same understanding and experiences, as I did back then. Even the same shastras, ancient, Hindu yoga teachings are pouring out of me as they did then.

What happened to me?

In the 90’s, after I received my first initiation with Swami Rama, and after serious cleansing and purifying, daily yoga and much time spent in meditation, I drank in the space of full-on kundalini risings and ecstatic living, multi-dimensional, third-eye viewing and more with a powerful gift of healing and the sight of Raja Vidya, higher knowledge and understanding. 

Why did I leave and walk away from bliss, awareness, expansion and the connection with a higher reality? 

I was too conditioned to hold my space of awakening. Being raised in a conservative, orthodox Christian home, as a western sadhu, I was completely unsupported in my process and condemned for being different. It was impossible for me to thrive as a mystic, in a western society built on traditional “white” Christian theosophy. I was scorned by my family for the path I had chosen and the pressure became unbearable, forcing me to “turn off” and become numb again. And so I did so that I could “fit in” and be accepted, claiming some sort of peace in a western, “white”, occidental, neo-european world. Truly, I had no clue what was really happening inside of me nor did I have a teacher beside me to lead the way. 

Including, most humans are cultivated to seek out a partner for life, mostly by society’s conditioning and even more so, by traditional family upbringing. There was still a seed of conditioning inside of me that perpetuated a delusional pull towards finding my “other half”. When I read through the diaries of the past, this was one of the burning desires that colored my decision-making and quality of life experiences which ultimately, led to my demise. 

My astrology life story indicates that in the year 2000, I could choose to succumb to uncontrollable desires that would eventually lead me into leaving my spiritual path and become entangled with someone, romantically. I would lose my spiritual power, enter into a space of disgrace by “throwing myself away” to my sensual desires, so to speak. 

Had I fully realized my highest potential of enlightenment possible at that time, I would have been brought into alignment with a spiritual teacher once again, and risen to a place of leadership, experiencing a higher quality of life experiences.

However, I chose to fall back into romance and enter into the delusional pull that tricks the mind into believing that there is something missing and it can only be fulfilled by another – a lover. Greater suffering became trajectory as I fed the evil consequences of my ignorance and fell from an exquisite space of grace. I had more to learn and more conditioning to remove.

I’ll never forget how ill became when I made the decision. For almost a week, I remained in bed with a fever and unable to move. It was as if I was dying after the first experience of love-making with the man I had chosen over my path of spiritual awakening. 

It is true too, the higher we go in our process or the wider we expand in consciousness, the more intense the tests become in our journey towards holding a space of awakening. Usually, the tests are the temptation of romance. It is a choice to seek out the union of a lover or we can chose to rise higher in our path towards union with divinity.  

Many who are in a romantic union will rationalize a connection with divine forces, to define the possibility of enlightened union or spin a marketing twist using the term “tantra”. It is a cosmic, universal law that an enlightened guru is not allowed to intervene in the union between two lovers. Where two have become one, there is no space for a guru to work on the higher level of consciousness and its unfolding trajectory. In intimate union, our lover becomes our guru. This is universal law and the mechanics of physical intimacy.

The term “tantra” is actually an ancient knowledge that has nothing to do with sexual intimacy – it is the opposite, rather. However, the western world has made it into a common term that is often used to define the possibility of spiritual, sexual union. Another misnomer created by the unenlightened for marketing and appeal, justification for the choice of sexual intimacy over enlightenment and a fancy cover-up for lack of awareness while attempting to express spiritual leadership.



When my first guru, Swami Rama passed in 1996, I could no longer lean on his grace to hold my hand thru the trials of growing enlightenment. Thank heavens for the Gayatri Mantra which has remained since it was bestowed upon me by his successor, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait in a most auspicious way and at the moment news came of Swami Rama’s death. When I received the mantra from Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, it was like mana from heaven, food for my inner being, initiating me and changing the state of my being forever as it offered a magical talisman for clearing my aura, if repeated consciously and daily. Thank you Pandit R. T., your voice rings forever in my inner ear with the perfection of Sanskrit pronunciation. 

I shall never forget the masters enlightened gaze I received from Swami Rama when I sat before him in person. His eyes reached down into my solar plexus as I felt the knots untangle while he held me gently in his gaze, changing me at the core of my being, in 1992 when it all began. He could see the path laid out before me when he gave me my spiritual name and auspiciously spoke the words to me, “It is not easy being a swami”. No one else heard him. Time stood still in that moment when he paused in his footsteps and turned to face me, briefly. Again, I was shaken at my core as his gaze initiated the growth of new roots and sparked the flame of evolution in my being. 

It was not until almost twenty years later that I was fortunate enough to encounter the presence of another enlightened being who fortunately, recognized me and took me under His wing and into the Grace of His Divine Presence.

Through His gentle – or sometimes “not-so-gentle”, subtle instruction, I am led back into a space of sovereignty, yet this time, more grounded in what I have realized, better prepared and more ready for my path of “aloneness”. Thank you Swamiji, Nithyananda Paramashivam. My astrological life story reveals that last year, age 57, I could have chosen to fall into the delusion pull of romance again, lose my spiritual powers and remain numb to divine forces and the taste of a wider, expanding consciousness for the rest of my life, dull and entangled with more suffering. Depression was my destiny as it would not be long that I would see the consequences of a weak decision. This time, I chose not to go that direction and opted for the path leading me towards greater union with divine forces. At this point in my evolution, there is nothing alluring about romance – at all. The fulfilling sensation of wholeness in my being is beyond measure and any physical entanglement with another. 


Back to the “soul” thingy.

“Soul” is a popular phrase that many people use these days as if it is a legitimate, buzz word that is going to draw in and attract the budding new-agers that are slowly blossoming into mainstream society. 

The reason why I chose to shut down “Soul Design University” is because I gained the realization that there is no such thing as “soul”. The word soul is only a term that fits neatly and conveniently into a delivery of nonsense by those who really don’t know ……and certainly, who are not enlightened. 

Today, many are using the term “soul” as a means to prove that they may have something worthy to offer their marketplace. However, I caution you – they don’t know what they are talking about – they don’t have a clue. Believe me – I have been there and have tried diligently to sound as tho I know. After all, I was peddling bullshit and I had to make it sound intelligent, in spite of its short-comings (Human Design).

Now, when I see someone use that term, it makes me chuckle inside because I can relate. I can see where it is coming from – nowhere. It is only a marketing ploy and a desperate attempt to sound like a voice of authority. Truly, it is another layer of delusional bullshit. 

Do yourself a favor and question those who use the phraseology, “Soul”.  When you hear a teacher, counselor, astrologer or life-coach use the word, they really, really don’t have a clue. Using the term “Soul” is only a marketing strategy to pull you in.

Human Design?

Again, Human Design feebly defines the astral body – the “gut” brain – the lower brain and does offer some clues on the genetics and inherent chemistry, yes. That is because HD is borrowed knowledge that has been put into a clever marketing package. However, the information is slightly twisted because it is not accurate. It is only a clue dropped into mainstream society that there is something more than our delusional, conditioned perception of reality – and it has a lot do with how we digest and metabolize food.

HD divides humans into four (or five) distinct categories according to the way their system digests and metabolizes food; it is a weak and incorrect system, however, very cleverly manifested yet, terribly confusing such as the “four or five types”.

Probably the reason why one sector of Human Design followers break down their charts into “Part Projector, Part MG, Part Manifestor” and so on is because of this categorization. Another chuckle inside of me as I watch them attempt to make sense of the confusing nonsense. Ancient Hindu science reveals that there are actually seven types of humans determined through the digestive, metabolic system – not four …..or five.  (5 = Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Manifesting Generator, Reflector) 


An excellent strategy for all types is patience. A superior way to live is through applying integrity in all circumstances, to be as authentic as possible, to carry out responsibility to all commitments and decisions and to enrich all who come across one’s path, in some way while keeping conflict to a minimum, thereby reducing karma and the need for completion.

Applying a mental strategy is purely manipulative, calculating and inauthentic. All people should inform, be patient and compassionate. Anyone who has a strong “feeling”, emotional chemistry is best to temper eagerness. Anyone who has a strong intellect and tends to be less emotional needs to be authentic and honest for best results.

You can use HD for defining one small part of who you are – the unenlightened part of who you are that is desperate to wake up and taste reality.

At this base level, all humans are the same causing much of the information to resonate for each person in some way. After all, humans are 7 chakra beings with three chakras activated out of the seven. Only if one is in an advanced stage of awakening and has been initiated by an enlightened master are 7 chakras activated. If one is fully enlightened, 9 chakras are activated.

Ra Uru Hu tried desperately to sound as though he knew and understood the mechanics of enlightenment. Obviously, he did not. Obviously, he read about the possibilities in one of his books on tantra mysticism sitting in the ruina as he felt inspired to create the next marketing masterpiece.

He knew – to some extent – that that HD was only a small step in the journey. It is not the concluding answer to a planet that is beginning to wake up to the next level of consciousness. However, it has been a good tease.


“Waking up” is not for everybody. There is actually only a small portion of humanity designed to wake up in this era with the mutation of the human operating system. 

At this pivotal point, the beginning of a wave of change in the human form, an opportunity awaits for many of us to clear the cobwebs from our eyes so that we can really see what is happening on this planet, in our relationships, in the work that we are truly here to express, how we manifest and create our reality and the pathway that leads to higher understanding through our own unique maturation process. 

Especially if you are reading this article now, and have made it thus far – to the end of this page. You may be one of the few experiencing this profound shift in your being and waking up to a wider, expanded view of reality as my story resonates at your core. 

No, there is no “Soul”, its just a fashionable term used as a catchy phrase to entangle the lost and seeking, the unfolding, evolving human and to tease the curiosity that is peaking. 


It is rather ridiculous.


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Written by KaShiva MahaDevi UmAnanda, 6th of November 2020