Leadership: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly & The Delicate Space of Oneness

When looking at a person’s cosmic story, a keen astrologer can see the destiny of a leader, which many humans possess however, few gain the coveted position of authority and power.

When I find this possibility of dominion and influence in a person’s chart, there are a few things common amongst all aspiring leaders:

1. Their potential for vain admiration 

2. Tests proving their ability to embrace all, regardless of caste, accomplishments or past deeds of the other.

3. The level of humility governing all speech and actions.

4. A degree of pressure pushing the character into irritability, impatience and rudeness. 

Those four components to the developing role of leadership paint a comprehensive picture of how the Cosmos designs the pathway for a budding leader, a social influencer, a spiritual teacher or a role model representing the highest potential as an “alpha” guide for humanity. 

Those who do begin to taste and gain a position of power and leadership and who have not evolved into a compassionate, loving, graceful space, experience tremendous challenges such as a serious, life-threatening illness or humiliating, massive attacks on reputation and character.  

The higher the position on the ladder of influence, the greater the tests and the harder the fall.

From emotional to romantic, from vanity to exclusivity, the cosmos pushes the aspiring leader through the trials of refinement for demonstrating true ability for ruling a group of people or spearheading a social movement.

The leader who admires and gloats on her pride, declares her popularity and speaks highly of her achievements with great acclaim is set up by the cosmos to be tempted, tested, and put through trials. All of these are meant to determine the grace, the compassion and wisdom inherent for greatness.

Astrology reveals, if groups form and declare exclusivity or consider themselves “elite”, great danger comes to the leader eventually passing it onto the followers. Notice if atrocities are happening in organizations, death threats being made or ridicule and destruction of character happening while followers are harmed, hurt or offended. You will find a vain leader, with an elite group behind him/her touting exclusivity and prideful, arrogant declarations by those who have yet to learn how to reside in the blessed state of Oneness. 

Clearly, over and over, I see the astrological story portray that if cliques are formed, if elitism is practiced and vanity expressed, great danger comes to the leader and eventually, to the followers too. You can witness horrible things happening to the organization that has formed around such vain exhibition and ego aggrandizement. 

It is true, according to ancient scriptures that Creator is in all things, good and bad, ugly and beautiful. When one expresses scorn against SHIVA, Shakti, God, Almighty High……it is as if one is spitting in the face of Cosmic existence, itself. Not a happy ending, at all.

This is where the space of “Oneness” can be clearly seen.

A powerful, righteous leader who has stood the tests of time, has humbled their character and embraced the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful – all at the same time – is protected by the Cosmos and Divine forces -like the city of Varanasi, for instance.

If you ponder for a moment, significant characters that have achieved great fame, wealth and recognition for their work, their leadership and ability to embrace all, you will find a handful of people who fit into this mold of divine orchestration and blessed, peaceful existence. No one is harmed and very little character assassination is happening; a perfect example is Oprah, for instance.

One can also see that those who are not capable of remaining humble, compassionate and kind are attacked, ridiculed and shamed. They are failing the Cosmic tests of leadership and are unable to stand in the space of “Oneness”, nor able to protect their flock or even lead their fold.



For me, the space of Oneness is experienced as bliss. Bliss is a reliable confirmation of who is residing in this un-assumable space of all-embracing compassion and universal acceptance called “Oneness” . 

“Oneness” is not sticky-gooey like lovey-dovey kind of thing. Nay, “Oneness” is a frequency that is emitted without intention or thought and only through quality of character. “Oneness” is incredibly relaxed, smooth, soft, and contained. There is no pushing, there is no residue knocking on the back door attempting to destroy, dismantle and offend. And it’s impossible to attack Oneness because it’s above the mayhem, the disorder and the vain, self-righteous tendency of the striving leader wanna-be and the outrageous expectations and demands from one who is out of tune with the cosmic flow and timing. 

It’s amazing to taste and experience “oneness” when it is near. There is no display as it moves in its own flow and focused on the path ahead without offending, excluding or insulting. No one can be challenged nor disturbed by the presence of “Oneness” it’s frequency is so high, above and beyond the mayhem of ego, greed, desire and elitism of the mundane plane. 

Indeed a blessing to be flowing in divine orchestration and Cosmic orientation near a blessed being who is residing in the all-embracing space of Oneness.

The rude, silly, exclusive who are vain and full of pride only become a ridiculous expression of cosmic play – that is all. 

Silly waste of time to even spend a dime.