Leadership # 2 and It’s Empowerment

“Imagine if there was no pushing, no insecurity, and there was confidence in one’s own unique expression and life mission; no comparing and no competition, embracing collaboration and sharing in wealth and recognition”

After I published the last article regarding leadership, it became obvious that some people misinterpreted what I was conveying. This is not an odd thing for me as my Moon is positioned in such a way that throughout my entire life, I am to be misunderstood by everyone I interact with. I watch this activation play out in all of my relating, including my family, as well as new friends and especially on social media such as Facebook where everyone interprets communication according to their inner condition. I have had people tell me that they thought I was one kind of person when they first met me and six months later, tell me that they can finally see who I am and I am nothing like they first projected. Most of life is like this for all human beings – to some degree. Humans naturally project from their condition of psychology. Thank heavens for the science of astrology which lends clarity on what we may be seeing or projecting and attempting to understand or embrace.

In the article: Leadership: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and the Blessed State of Oneness, I was highlighting what I am experiencing with four of my clients who have leadership in their charts. Daily, as I work with them, I am watching their stories play out. Often, we have discussions about their responsibility of leadership inherent in their chart and how their ego is conditioning their experiences and ultimately, their destiny. For some reason, those who possess the qualities of leadership often, fall into my lap for gaining empowerment. 

Even my teacher has His cross to bear with leadership too, however, I hear Him communicate to His disciples the importance of not being exclusive in their interactions with others and I hear Him admonish jealousy, back-biting, and rudeness that may be expressed in a most, inappropriate way. For the Avatar is fully aware, of course, that the Cosmos does not like unkind, mean behavior towards anyone – not even an ant. He reminds us often, that Ahimsa, harmlessness, is the quality of a conscious, enlightened being. And surely He knows, trouble brews in places where exclusivity rules. How do you impart to the jealous and insecure that their nature is creating a dangerous situation? One cannot see danger while one is sleeping.

This also brings up the consideration of “Oneness” and how that is experienced inside a group. Of all my experiences with “spiritual-like” communities and ashrams, rarely, have I experienced the true state of “Oneness” – it is very, very rare. I have actually sat with two people at once who live within the same environment and experienced “Oneness” with one while jealousy, back-biting, insecurity, etc, by the other. One person was sending me into bliss and communication with my Ishta Devata while the other was “pushing” with all her might, the circumstances according to her will. It could have been a very stressful event however, I was enjoying the bliss much more and decided to align with that energy. The blissful, “oneness” person validated, as well, that we were operating in a state of “Oneness”, as it is obvious to the one who recognizes the quality of frequency. It is very relaxing and enjoyable space to reside and create from.

At another ashram community where I lived for a period of time, there was one young man who, each time I encountered his presence, would send my body into bliss, stimulate amazing Shakti energies up my spine. He was very, very quiet, kept to himself and rarely said a word to anyone. Each of the residents took turns throughout the week cooking food. Whenever he cooked food, which was usually on Sunday’s, it was the only meal that I would eat for the week. Equally, dining on his food sent me into bliss, too.

The others who lived at the ashram were very difficult for me. Often, they exhibited jealousy and would side with each other against me in various non-important issues. This young man who was a catalyst for community bliss, would occasionally mention to me that it was best for me to keep my thoughts to myself and inspirations too when I would share my ideas with him, so as not to provoke the jealousy amongst others. He is the only one that I remain in contact with and it is always a joy to exchange a short email conversation with him. He has mentioned that I visit him in his dreams where he sees me enjoying life and in a space of joyful activity.

He is also the one who gave me the name “KaShiva” and still, to this day, refers to me in this way. For that reason, the name is endearing to me and I cherish its source. Often, I wonder if he is an enlightened master reincarnated.

In that same environment, the larger community gave me the Hindu goddess name: Annupurna, because they loved my cooking so much. It was too much though as the headmistress of the ashram quickly removed me from the position of cooking for the community because of the attention I was getting. She then, took over the cooking and became the source of “good food”. No one gave her a goddess name, though.

Her astrological story also speaks of her position of leadership. The stars indicate that if she is not in a space of grace, she can become very ill. She has serious cancer in her body and a few other serious diseases as well. It’s a miracle she is still alive.

To keep a space of peace in the community environment, often, I would take a small plate of food that was prepared by the other members. They were watching how I was reacting to the meals.  I would take the plate of food back to my private quarters and then, dispose of it properly. I am highly sensitive to environments and people and did not enjoy how their food impacted my being. For instance, one boy who moved into our ashram prepared his first meal and asked me to taste it. Because of his eagerness, I agreed to taste his food to appease him. I took one small bite. He looked at me with an inquisitive look. I responded, “the food is delicious however, you are terribly heart-broken and very depressed”.

He was shocked. He admitted that he had been crying for months and in deep depression over the break-up of his romance with his girlfriend and that this was the main reason for checking into our ashram – not because he was ready to become a “monk” in our celibate community. I could see this clearly.

Therefore, because of this psychic sensitivity, I do not eat food prepared by others unless their presence gives me bliss.

It is not the group that goes into “Oneness”, as we can see in these examples, it is the individual and their connection with source that delivers the true state of Oneness. This is where many get confused and often, misinterpret “Oneness” to mean that the group is “One”.  I wish it were true – it would be an amazing experience to be in the space of Oneness within a larger group of humans. Paradise, I imagine.

What is most challenging is that humans tend to move from their Solar Plexus, their lower mind. Seldom do I experience a person who is centered in their Heart Chakra, moving through life in a state of immense confidence, unique creative expression and relaxed with existence. Most people are either “pushing” with great pressure; they are impatient, arrogant and greedy or they are wounded and insecure seeking attention while hooking into the others energy field – sucking energy – seeking some kind of relief. Both are very, very uncomfortable to experience.

The four clients that I work with who are set for leadership each have a very unique story in how this powerful role evolves inside their life trajectory. Allow me to briefly touch upon their unique stories to further demonstrate how leadership takes shape in our lives. Past lives, current life decisions, spiritual maturation rate, fate and karma on many levels are all a part of the process and larger picture for those who are destined for leadership. 


Client  #1 – Leadership Role

This client has lived a full life and has been cosmically designed to fulfill their life calling towards the end of their life cycle. Their entire lifetime up to this point has been adjusting karma from a previous lifetime that actually made such a powerful impact on their destiny, it has taken several lives to correct the effect that this one, earlier lifetime created. 

In this lifetime, they have a chance to resolve, clear and heal the effects of an evil character that acted out several lifetimes ago. If they take responsibility for their behavior, make a decision to change the way they live and think, change the way they operate and impact, they have a chance to offer the world a powerful message that can bring tremendous, positive transformation into many lives. However, they have only a short window to make this decision and apply the necessary steps to adjust their life trajectory so that they can taste this possibility. If they do not take action in adjusting their lifestyle, their behavior, the quality of their mind and intentions, they become very ill and will die within 18 months. Then, they will reincarnate again, go through the same lessons and defeats to continue clearing the deeds carried out from the earlier lifetime and the failure to create change in this lifetime. They have a choice to change their destiny for future lives, now. We shall see what happens. 

Can I share with him what I see in his astrological trajectory?

Absolutely not…..he is so vain that only he knows what is best and has no interest in hearing what I have to share. Therefore, I only listen.


Client #2 – Leadership Role

This person also has a chance to make a difference in their later stage of life. They actually reincarnated slightly more advanced then most humans so their life lessons have been a little different. Much of their life has been spent in comfortable, happy conditions with mediocre lessons mostly, related to romance. They have enjoyed plentiful success throughout their life endeavors and friends have played supportive roles at key moments. Their life lesson is to learn to work with others rather than working alone. It is interesting to watch them struggle with expanding and allowing others into their life and contributing to their success. The tendency is to be critical, impatient and selective – such as creating a “clique”, which is a big no, no, as I mentioned in the previous article. 

This person is constantly challenged with swinging between intolerance and feeling insecure. If they compromise in any way, they lose their power and ability to impart a powerful teaching for humanity. This person has tremendous talent, a magical creative expression and is incredibly entertaining. When I walk into her space, often, she has classical music playing – loudly – and she is whistling along with it. When I first encountered her doing this, I knew she was no ordinary human and that she truly, possessed something special to share with the world. 

If she can get past her insecurity, her tendency to exclude others and not share; her strong tendency to judge others, which eliminates helpful, supportive allies, then, she may get to taste the space of greatness within the next two years. And if she doesn’t move in this positive, uplifting direction, she experiences great misfortune, financially and in health. The stars indicate that she absolutely must avoid the tendency to create “cliques”. Just that tendency alone destroys her ability to achieve greatness as a leader, a teacher, a conduit of powerful transformation for humanity and tremendous financial success. 


Client #3 – Leadership Role

When I first met this person, I was very charmed by her presence, her beauty, the veneer of her superficial grace and overtaken by her “pushiness” to get what she wanted. Still, months later, the saga continues as she is absolutely set on getting something that she really can’t handle. Yet she is ignoring this fact as she swims in great delusion. She reminds me of a dog that has a bone, holding onto it tightly between its teeth and growling if another human or another dog gets too close. 

This person’s life story is about her argumentative , insecure, jealous, highly competitive and comparing nature that is incredibly superficial and extremely arrogant. Her vision is cloudy as she is determined to get what she wants and you never know exactly what the truth is. A serious course in the art of  “un-clutching” meaning: “letting-go and allowing the flow” would do her wonders. 

Her trajectory also indicates that if she attempts to be exclusive and creates cliques, she becomes very ill and unable to handle and manage what she has so desperately manifested, as she is forced to relinquish control. Constantly, she comes up against blocks in her pathway, suffers with limitations and loses her opportunity for greatness just because she is so greedy and arrogant in her interaction with others. She is awful really, so she loses momentum to gain anything, continuously. I can see too, her health is not good. Not long ago, she was fighting breast cancer. She tells me that it is gone, however, I can see that it is not gone and it is still brewing inside her body. Most likely, if she has to give control to someone else to manage her unrealistic, delusional vision, she will get very, very ill and collapse. This is what the astrological story is indicating. 

Her and I have had discussions about these things however, she is so arrogant, its a waste of time to go into detail regarding these issues. She compares, she competes like I have never seen and she is desperate about getting what she wants in such a greedy way. The pressure is awful. Will she fulfill her destiny as a community leader? …….It doesn’t look hopeful. Ill be shocked if she manifests what she is attempting to create as she is driven by her greed.


Client #4 – Leadership Role

This person is special, I adore her. However, I can only take her energy for about 30 minutes and then, I must say goodbye. Unfortunately, she impacts in a way that many do who are insecure, threatened and desperately seeking attention for approval, while working hard to position themselves in a space of authority. It feels terrible. There can also be an awful, awful attitude of arrogance when someone is so insecure; its too much to bear, really.

As the astrology indicates, it is an immature ego that must go through many experiences to mature, soften, become patient and develop compassionate understanding. Until then, the pressure that is transmitted by the Solar Plexus is unbearable beyond 20-30 minutes. 

Her leadership destiny is based on her ability to become patient and allow things to unfold in their own natural timing – not pushing and placing pressure on others while trying to get her way. It’s so rude and yet, she has no clue just how rude it is. Thankfully, this person listens to me, watches her astrological transits and is making conscious effort to transform her nature. I love this about her – she is committed and truly making an effort. And she is adorable – I can’t help but love her.

Whenever I experience this kind of “pushiness” from someone and the pressure that comes with it, I laugh to myself because it comes from the same place in every person who behaves like this – “Please recognize me and give me authority”.

Yes dear…..

You can see through all of these examples presented above that there is very little space for the state of “Oneness” that comes with a relaxed, confident, conscious being. There is too much effort being applied in the management of impact, karma, misperceptions and insecurities, unfortunately. 

Imagine if there was no pushing, no insecurity, and there was confidence in one’s own unique expression and life mission; no comparing and no competition, embracing collaboration and sharing in wealth and recognition……mmmmmm…… What a lovely space to reside in. 

This is precisely why I am loyal to my Guru – it is the only space where I can sit in ecstasy and without pressure, where greatness is encouraged and fostered. Tremendous magic happens in this free, open space of encouragement, empowerment and sharing. There is nothing personal about it – it’s a pure state of “Oneness”. 

Indeed, it is difficult for the logical mind to grasp.