The Mad-Hatter Puppet and It’s Loose Strings

The Mad-Hatter Puppet

and It’s Loose Strings

written by KaShiva Devi UmAnanda



The term “Mad-Hatter” rolled off my lips as I sat down to write about what I witness in those around me at times, tossing to and fro, reactive and immature with an ego in control. Not knowing the exact meaning or origin, I went to google to find what I could find about this unusual, yet fitting, out of the box term: “mad-hatter”.

Google provided a prompt definition as well as the origins of this unique term that is often used to define the character of one who is prone to unpredictable, crazy-like behavior and experiencing the effects that stem from the poisoning of mercury. 

During the 18th and 19th century, mercury nitrate was commonly applied in the processing of animal fur used to make the popular hats made of felt. Factory workers exposed to toxic chemicals throughout the day developed a variety of physical and mental ailments, such as speech problems, emotional outbursts, and frequent hallucinations. 

One such hat-maker suffered so much from the poisoning of mercury nitrate that he castrated himself with a pair of scissors as a way to control his libido. 

He was also the man who shot and killed John Wilkes Booth, the man accused of shooting President Abraham Lincoln. Soon there after, he was placed in an insane asylum for attacking a group of people by gunpoint and later, escaped, disappearing for good. Hence, the term “Mad-hatter” to define the extreme behavior of mentally unstable, immature characters who make hats while suffering the poisoning effects of the mercury nitrate. You can read the full story here.

Not sure if it is the same mercury that is used to fill cavities in our teeth positioned near the brain. Perhaps that may be one of the detriments of society and the cause of inability for most to be peaceful, content, relaxed and happy.


All of this to say, as an avid, daily-practicing astrologer, it is easy to observe the “mad-hatters”  come out of the closet and suffer the extreme pressure of difficult chemistry, which is activated by the positioning of the planets, as well as food additives and mercury poisoning.

When the planets are influencing the behavior, the pressure of the planet Mercury pushes the ego into unattractive behavior, as well as Mars, Saturn, Kiron, Uranus and the Moon, etc. All of the planets present an odd twist in how one behaves as they move around and impact the chemical composition of a human being, good or bad, successful or not.

Even the influence of the tiny planet Pluto causes strange behavior in many. Perhaps coupled with food additives, mercury poisoning and planetary pressure, humans are incredibly challenged at enjoying life in the present moment, here and now. 

Truly, its better to keep your distance from most and not get too involved if one desires to keep their sanity, their peace of mind and remain in a blessed state of bliss. 

This is why I love my meditation practice and the heavenly impressions of initiation with an enlightened teacher; the whole being becomes saturated in an exquisite space of relaxation under the auspicious covering of Gurutattwa. 

A good reason to sit and meditate in peace, focus on ones own tasks diligently, creatively and uninterruptedly, avoiding those who are terribly deluded and out of control, immature and bombastic; unruly and unkind, its just not what I would call a “friend of mine”.  Rubbish, I say



Ahhhh……what a blessing to be in a space of joyful presence, in the moment, choosing to be conscious of how reality is created: heaven or hell, friend or foe, karma or none, peaceful and relaxed – no matter what happens.

Why be stupid?

Life is brief, no need to waste it.

Best to make the best of it.

Truly, I must thank my Guru for being so generous with His boons. Can’t imagine living a life of torment, agitation, anger or worry; what a wretched, awful existence.

May we all find our center of peace and abide in compassion, equanimity and with clarity of mind – no matter what happens – as we remain present to the moment, the people who are near us and deliver the willpower in our movement that dictates a positive, loving reality.

In that blessed space, we can actually hear the birds sing just as I am reminded, moment to moment, during the day, while creatively, diligently, working away.

A very pleasant impression left lingering on the mind, indeed.