Faith and Self-Realization

25, March 2017
by Kashi Stone

Faith and Self-Realization

Bhagavad Gita Demystified by Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Bhagavad Gita:  9.1 ~ 9.3

In our daily lives, we pay special attention to the way we keep our car and our home, especially our gas tanks and our refrigerator. Equal attention to the inside of our mind engages us in the teachings of great masters or works of literature that improve the state of mind or uplift the being in some way.

In the Bhagavad Gita, this garnering of knowledge for our inner space is recognized as jnana yajnya, or as “collecting solutions”; understanding what is nitya (eternal), what is anitya (temporary), what is satya (truth) and what is asatya (falsehood).

As Swamiji points out, Jnana refers to “higher knowledge” and Yajnya refers to the purification process that takes place while one is in study of higher knowledge. One gains understanding, awareness and awakens through the combination of two things: observing and learning from others’ spiritual experiences and learning through our own experiences that cause profound, long-lasting changes inside of us.

Often, in this busy, hectic, modern life, we find excuses and reasons to not incorporate a daily practice of reading sacred scriptures or meditating. As Swamiji points out, we spend at least an hour driving to and from work, on the average, in the US. During that time in the car, it could be well spent listening to audio CD’s of great masters, downloading great truths. There has to be some place in the day were we can incorporate a daily rhythm of checking in, quieting, centering and aligning with our inner core.

The passage in the Bhagavad Gita, Demistyfied, Swamiji further points out that if we are not spending time listening or reading the words of great masters, learning and reading about the principles of higher living, we are spending a great deal of mental energy worrying about our life circumstances.

If we are learning and edifying our mind with the spiritual words of enlightened masters, we are fine-tuning the imprint of our DNA. This fine-tuning ultimately impacts our reality in a big way. By setting aside a small portion of the day to sit quietly and to reflect and to connect, we begin a purification process, a quickening that takes us to the next level of our existence.

In the passage that is being explored today, we find that Krishna is giving the qualifications for attaining self-realization. He tells us that those who have no faith in his teachings enter back into the cycle of rebirth. Those who have ear to hear and those who have eyes to see, get the download towards self-realization.

Swamiji also points out three levels of faith in sacred teachings and self-realization. The first level of faith is one that contains doubts within the mental process of listening and understanding. The second level of faith is the one that believes everything that is said and does not challenge or test the teachings that are being digested. This level of knowledge is dangerous as it does not have the strong foundation of wisdom that comes from experience.

The third level of faith is trust. This is when we attempt to experience what is being taught. When we taste the depth of the truth in teachings through experience, we gain a level of confidence in our being and how we are living our life.

In the Hindu tradition there are two types of people: human and animal. The first category, known as manava is the type of human who has faith in the teachings and a higher state of consciousness. The second type of human, danava is liken to an animal, they have no faith in the teachings, so their level of consciousness is low.

When we allow the seed of consciousness to penetrate our psyche through a daily practice, we allow Krishna to foster the blossom of our own spirit. In this place of daily meditation, spiritual reading and contemplation, we merge with the universal consciousness and escape the cycle of rebirth that leads us continuously into pain, drama and strife.

So, the technique for connecting to our higher source, the technique for gaining the pathway and direction to self-realization is through our guru’s teachings. It does not matter who the guru is, what counts is that one’s inner ear is turned towards the direction of source.

This is the beginning of purification, the voice of the enlightened guru.


9.1 Krishna said:
Arjuna, you trust me and you are not envious of Me; I shall therefore impart to you this profound and secret wisdom and experience;

9.2 This knowledge is king of all knowledge and the greatest secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, sacred, and gives direct perception of Self-realization. It is eternal and easy to practice.

9.3 Those who have no faith in this knowledge cannot attain Me, O conqueror of foes; They will return to birth and death in this material world.