Life is Written Across the Sky

Humanity is awakening to its divinity.

You can witness the awakening happening with humanity in what has become popular on youtube, what is shared on facebook and through the business trends that are gaining the most financially and in popularity: yoga, health, beauty, alternative medicine and alternative, natural energy, natural fabrics and organic foods.

Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra lead daily meditation through mainstream media. Alternative, spiritual lifestyle has become more popular than Hollywood. The trends of humanity indicate clearly where mass consciousness is headed. Humanity is seeking a better way of life and yearning for a deeper connection with a higher, spiritual source.


In conscious lifestyle, one experiences joy, peacefulness, relaxation and contentment.

Most of us work to obtain some sense of understanding of these luscious states of joy and peacefulness yet, often, miss the chance to taste what this blessed, enlightened state of consciousness brings because our mind is caught up in finding what is wrong, comparing one’s self with another, perceiving how one’s needs are not being met or cleverly strategizing how to get something.

Little emphasis is placed on how a person can be cultivated in their most natural state of being, their most natural expression and their most natural way of moving through life, to be who they truly are. When one is settled into the nature of their being, it tends to give a measure of self-confidence in one’s ability to create and be productive.

It is unfortunate that children are raised in a traditional educational system and taught the same curriculum as every other child. Department stores sell thousands and thousands of the same apparel items across the globe and Nike sports attire company has earned another thousand points today on NASDQ as millions purchase the latest, greatest, same style and color of sneakers. People are desperate for being accepted and loved so they adapt, conform and copy the other, while lacking the courage and confidence to be unique, creative and content in being who they are.


Life is Written Across the Sky

Perhaps, this explains why astrology, the I Ching and other similar esoteric knowledges call my attention as they shed light, bring understanding and clarity to what is truly going on with life on this planet and uncover the unique life expression that each individual carries in their chemistry.

It’s humbling to even attempt to grasp what is written in the heavens and how unique each person is in the complexity of existence.  Even more humbling is to realize that almost every thought we entertain, every move we make and the results of how it plays out,  is already written by the cosmos.

For instance, a couple came to me for counseling regarding their relationship, recently. They were very happy in love, enjoying each other’s company and creating beautiful art together.   There was one little glitch to the perfect picture though: a fifteen-year age difference. The female partner was old enough to be the parent and the male partner, young enough to be her son.  You could see that they were genuine friends and that nothing was out of balance; the woman was youthful, the man was mature, it was a smooth fit.

However, the couple had concern for the longevity of their relationship because they were considering a long-term commitment. For this reason, they sought out my astrological services to bring greater understanding into the dynamic of their togetherness.  What I found was that it was already written in both of their lives, by the stars, what kind of relationship they were enjoying and the future potential that was there for them.

Her astrological story revealed that she was an older woman in love with a younger man and his story revealed that he was younger with an older woman. Both astrological stories spoke of creating and working together. That understanding alone brought more relaxation and quietness into the relationship, once it was shared.  It was a match made in heaven and it was perfectly acceptable by the gods.

Many more things were revealed however, this one example is profound enough to make the point: Astrology is knowledge and knowledge is power.

Seeing the story of a relationship written in the stars that was intended to happen, or destined or  one that is karmic, is mind-blowing and mind-expanding. The heavens dial in our reality to the very second, this is the point. We are following a definite pattern, a clear story and there is one central purpose: awakening into unity consciousness. No wonder astrology is considered evil in some religions – it is incredibly liberating and empowering while it informs exactly what the cosmos has designed.

Through this deep investigation conducted with astrology, we find that whatever creates life on this planet and all its happenings, is orchestrated and played out in many layers, directions and colors, all at once, inside and outside of all living matter. Life is driven by the planets, the moon, the stars and other heavenly powers.

Getting to Ecstasy

Ultimately, what we find that relaxation is the keynote of awareness. There is no tension, there is no tightness in the body nor is there a rush in the movement when we become mature in our spiritual process. There is no worry, no fear nor frantic pace of what might happen or what one must do. Life changes dramatically when we shift from one path to another in the flow of life.

And the higher we go, the slower life moves and the more peaceful it becomes. This is the key. It works through managing and watching, adjusting and conscious, humble interaction.

As unity consciousness penetrates the core of our being, our frequency changes, emotional, dramatic events lessen, unkind friends fall away and sometimes, we lose family too. Most importantly, we do our best to create gentle departure, peaceful understanding and acceptance for allowing the changes that life brings.

When our relationships are smooth, our obligations simple, our needs few and our ambitions realistic, healthy and in alignment with our talent, then we taste the sweet nectar of ecstasy. This is our lesson as a human. Through our karmic lessons, life decisions and the people in our environment, we grow, evolve and experience life.

Through the observation of Higher Principles and application of spiritual truths, we become aligned with the proper actions and thoughts for creating a peaceful reality.  Eventually, we get to an understanding that allows greater joy, peace and harmony into our life and in all relating. When these qualities rule our reality, they bring in the possibility of blissful awareness, the state of ecstasy.

You may be surprised how better your body feels when you slow down. And when I say “slow down”, I don’t mean stop what you are doing. One must keep engaged in activities of study, responsibility, productivity and creativity at all times so that one is prepared for blessed opportunity.

Slow down and look what is around you, notice the flowers, hear the birds singing and welcoming the day or appreciating the afternoon, stop to notice a tree, pause for a moment to feel the air across your cheeks, notice the wildflowers blooming in auspicious places.

All we have is what is here and now, life can change at any moment.

Consciously create a good moment.




Written by Kashi Stone