Mistaken Bonds

Question…..”Do you find that the kind of (mistaken) bonds made… are also written in the person’s destiny… to create the kind of quickening needed to stay on course of their destiny?


OR will their destiny be reached regardless?”



Kashi’s Response

Each experience is unique in how it can be defined and understood yet overall, there are specific opportunities and specific lessons to experience as one moves through life, no matter who is in your movie.


Psychically, you can see that when two people bond in couple-hood that it impacts the potential inherent in the individual life expression and the opportunities ~ to some degree.

Fusing one’s aura with another can bring great confusion while entertaining the lovers thoughts, the lovers suffering and the illnesses or pressures from the imbalances of a chemistry that is trying to live as a human inside of two.

Most of the time, a person who is merged in a love-bond does not fully exemplify all of the qualities described in their astrological potential because their focus in life changes so much.

Often, a person will alter their destiny, unconsciously, for the benefit of a union and stay in a complicated life trajectory for the sake of “love”, not realizing that there are great opportunities up ahead if they are learning, developing, growing and becoming more of who they have been created to be.

The one who is bonded in relationship learns about relating, how they feel, what happens when they react and how they love when they love, etc.. The lessons of romance are dramatic, sad, thrilling, hot and shocking. However, these lessons are necessary to learn how to interact, love, nurture, care and grow.


As one opens up in consciousness, one naturally orients their lifestyle, focused in the correct activity and working with the people in the correct environment.


sadhu-nuIt takes great strength in character and fortitude in individuality to move in one’s own life trajectory.

There is nothing like the sweetness of an environment where one can truly, fully be themselves and enjoy the company of those who are resonate in nature and purpose.



Written by Kashi, September 2016