Death and the Loss of Time

I saw death last night

it showed itself to me as a ferocious beast, devil-like creature with horns.wild-woman-of-the-castle

I was a wild woman sent to destroy death, dressed in simple, torn clothing.

I walked up to the devil-like beast from behind and jumped onto the ragged, rough back of the creature.

Climbing high onto the monsters back with a fierce and ferocious power, I grab the horns from behind and rip them out of his skull.

The wild, beast-like, devil creature raises his head and roars out as I slide down his back and jump off to stand in front of him

With his head raised high in the sky, screaming and roaring with his torn horns in my hand

Between his front legs and just beneath his towering body,

I stab the devil-like creature square in the center of his heart

Deaths grip loosens and the spell begins to fade.

The devil-like creature falls to the ground in a heap.


Suddenly, time begins to slowly disappear

and the spell of death no longer reigns.