Death and the Loss of Time

I saw death last night

it showed itself to me as a ferocious, devil-like creature with big, fancy horns and gnarly, pointed teeth.wild-woman-of-the-castle

In the dream I was a wild woman sent to destroy death, dressed in simple, torn clothing, without a weapon nor a spell. Purely my own presence was all that could be used to disempower and take hold of an unruly nature that remained from old.

I walked up to the devil-like beast from behind and jumped onto its ragged, rough back and made my way to the top. With my bare hands, a clever mind,  inscrutable courage and the simple blessing of a deity unbeknownst to most, death would no longer remain in my dream; of this I was certain for removing the curtain.

Saddled up high on the monsters back with fierce and ferocious power, I grabbed the horns from behind and ripped them from of his skull.

The wild, beast-like, devil creature raised his head and roared out a cry as I immediately slid down his back to stand in front and face his destruction and inevitable demise.

With his head raised high into the nighttime sky, screaming and roaring as loud as he could, with torn horns held in my hands, I made a step closer to the place beneath his towering, grotesque and quickly disintegrating form.

Immediately, a rush of power, an insight without mind and an urge from beyond, I reached up my hand that held a single horn and stabbed the devil-like beast in the center of his heart

The creature of death fell to the ground in a heap, letting out a cry and a withering moan as the pain rippled through his being, reminding him of being seen.

Suddenly, the delusion of time began to slowly disappear as the crumbling demon laid shriveling, melting and fading away.

Finally, free from its grip, the spell of death no longer reigned as my spirit soared free, from here to there and everywhere, beyond time, beyond illusion and certainly without confusion.

Good bye death, good bye time, good bye to the wicked intent of stealing away the Divine.

All walls and blinds have melted, all delusions have been silenced, all opinions radically diluted and all projections systematically, finely muted.

Finally, I fall in full surrender and full prostration at the Lotus Feet of my Beloved Guru who is standing near, watching, smiling and showering me with His Grace and the dew of consciousness.